Vitasjöns FVOF



  Västra Götalands län / Svenljunga Municipality.
White Lake is quietly situated in a valley between the hills and mountains, the world around is hardly noticeable by.
Here there are great perch above 1.5 kilograms (known record of 1.9 kg) that require a skilled fisherman to attract them. The pike are also big but they are elusive because of the ample supply of food in the lake. A small tribe of roach and occasional bream are raised.
This is a lake well worth experiencing for both summer and winter fishing.

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Org ID: 173, Area 134

Vitasjöns FVOF

The purpose of the fishery area is to promote and arrange fishing in Vitasjön, Svenljunga municipality, and to fish through the sale of fishing licenses to the public. Of the annual yield of the fishery area, at least 50% shall be used or funded for fisheries conservation measures and for current investments that will benefit the purpose and objectives of the fishery area.

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Hans JohanssonTel: 0325 - 35 013Mobil: 0706 - 63 67 79Mail:

Anslutet Swish-nummer: 123 578 35 27



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