Jönköpings län

 Municipality: Gislaved

  • Majsjöns FVOF
  • Gräskens FVO
  • Söingens FVO
  • Sävsjöns-, Storasjöns FVO
  • Nissasjöarnas FVOF
  • Angsåsortens FVO
  • Spadens FVO
  • Hurvens FVO
  • Hallasjöns FVO
  • Anderstorps FVO
  • Stengårdshultasjöns FVO
  • Malensjöarnas FVOF
  • Bolmens FVOF
  • Fegens FVOF
  • Hensjöns FVO

The countryside in Jönköping County is varied. For the most part the land is covered by forests, and the Fact That It is situated in the Småland highlands plaster its stamp on the landscape. There are more than 2,300 lakes in the county, as well as Several major waterways, including the River Lagan and Emån rivers. The county's Largest and deepest lake is Lake Vättern, The Southern Part of Which Reaches Jonkoping. Store Mosse, Sweden's Largest swamp area south of Lapland, lies in the southern portion of the county. Its highest point is Tomtabacken, Which rises 377 meters above sea level. (Source: Wikipedia)

Fishing areas in Gislaved

  Bolmens FVOF
  Anderstorps FVO
  Fegens FVOF
  Gräskens FVO
  Hallasjöns FVO
  Hensjöns FVO
  Hornbetasjöns FVO
  Hurvens FVO
  Majsjöns FVOF
  Malensjöarnas FVOF
  Nissasjöarnas FVOF
  Spadens FVO
  Stengårdshultasjöns FVO
  Sävsjöns-, Storasjöns FVO
  Söingens FVO
  Angsåsortens FVO
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