Jig Overview


A very exciting method that occurs when ice has formed.

The Basics

Ice fishing is very popular in many parts of the country.
Fishing is done for all possible species, but the most popular fish, or the species most associated with the method, perch and trout. Ice fishing for perch is done in a big way across the country while ice fishing for char mostly occurs in the northern parts.

The method itself is very simple and easy to learn. The remedy is to drill a hole in the ice and then using a jig rod, line and bait lure the fish to bite with varying pressure. Most often you will usually drop the bait to the bottom and then crank it up a few inches, but of course, one should not limit themselves to the rule, because the fish can stand on any possible water levels.


The equipment is relatively simple and inexpensive compared to other methods. You need a drill, a jig rod, wire and various beten.Tänk on the line should preferably be made of nylon braided line because attracts water and hence can freeze in cold weather. A complete ice fishing equipment (excluding drilling) need not cost more than 150 kr.

The rods are as simple small plastic rods, the rods that looks like a spinning rod in miniature. The roll can also be a simple plastic roller or a small spinning reel.
The most common bait called a jig, a gleaming sliver bait for imitating a fish. On the hook usually also sometimes draw a natural bait such as maggots or worms, to attract the fish a little extra.
Pirken addition, there are also other types of baits for example. rödingblänken (larger and more colorful), balanspirkar (extending horizontally in the water) and mormyskor (a small fry imitation).

One very important thing when to go out on the ice for ice fishing is to bring safety equipment. Give you rather not go out alone on the ice is over 10 cm, also have a cell phone, whistle and ice picks.


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