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Welcome to Sweden, a paradise for the angler! Come hook a salmon, trout or Arctic char, or a predator like the pike, perch or zander? is the leading service in Sweden for fishing permits online. Here you'll find information and fishing permits (licenses) for most of the largest and popular fishing lakes and rivers in the country. For fishing tourists, a personal valid local permit is all you need, there's no requirement for a national approval or license. 

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For information about fishing in Sweden, please read "Fishing in Sweden" (PDF)

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The most recent catch reports

04-16  Anton Sandqvist
 Gnosjö Sportfiskeklubb
 Fishing method:Fly fishing (one handed)
 Best lure/bait:Fly - Boobies
 • 1 fish(es) Brook trout  at 0.3 kg.  (  No, released!)
04-16  Lisa Karlsson
 Nykroppa-Storfors FVF
 Fishing method:Angling
 Vä Skärjen
 • No fish
04-17  Staffan Sollén
 Gussjö Paljakka
 Fishing method:Pimpel
 • 3 fish(es) Char  at a total of 1.5 kg, Avg. Weight 0.50 kg.
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Recently added fishing waters

  • Hällsjö FVOF

    Stor-Hällsjön, Lill-Hällsjön, Mörttjärn - (04-16) Hällsjö fishery conservation area is located 2. 3 km west of central Sundsvall after the E14 towards Östersund. In Stor-Hällsjön and Lill-Hällsjön there are perch, pike, lake, roach and pikeperch. The roach ponds house trout, roach and perch.
  • Ramselesjön-Nässjöns FVOF

    Ramselsesjön, Nässjön, Vågdalen - (04-16) Here is the chance for your dream fish, whether it is perch, pike or trout and char. In addition, whitefish, grayling and roach are found in the fisheries conservation area. Everything from reel, fly and trolling fishing.
  • Boskvarnasjöns FVOF

    Boskvarnasjön, Lillesjön - (04-15) Boskvarnasjön is a deep lake with an average depth of 5. 5 meters and a maximum depth of almost 30 meters. The water is a bit silver in character and is surrounded by a beautiful nature with rocks and forest. The bottom consists mostly of stone.
  • Flens FVOF

    Flen, Sällevadsån - (04-14) Welcome to try your luck fishing in Lake Flen. Flen is located in Vetlanda municipality, beautifully nestled in the forests of Småland. The lake is part of Emån's main drainage system, it has a maximum depth of about 16 meters, covers an area of 3.
  • Sösjön-Hemsjön-Gråssjöns FVOF

    Sösjön, Hemsjön, Gråssjön m fl vatten - (04-09) Welcome to fish in our waters with good stocks of trout, char, whitefish, grayling, pike, perch and lake. Scenic area with several picnic areas. There is a boat ramp in Hemsjön which is a clear water lake with a depth of over 30 meters.
  • Nordmarksälvens FVOF

    Nordmarksälven, Lersjön m fl vatten - (04-01) In the Nordmarksälven fishery conservation area, good fishing is offered in the eastern part of Värmland, from Sundsjön in the north to Filipstad in the south through the Nordmarksälven river - a varied lake system and Taberg's canal.
  • Yxerns FVOF

    Yxern - (03-26) Yxern, Kalmar County's largest lake but still quite unknown and anonymous, surrounded by coniferous forest with a wonderful feeling of wilderness. It is said of the Ax - as of some other lakes - that it has 365 islands. No one has counted them, but many are.
  • FFK Dunkroken

    Ormsjön - (03-25) Ormsjön is our club lake where we put in large amounts of rainbow trout several times during the season. The lake is open to the public and you do not have to be a member to fish, but all fly fishermen who buy day passes are welcome.
  • Saittarova Intresseförening

    Saarikoski, Kalixälven, Käyräjärvi m fl vatten - (03-22) In the lakes Käyräjärvi and Pelijärvi there are implanted fish, rainbow trout and trout. In Kalixälven we have nice fishing waters with salmon, grayling, trout etc. The section we manage starts at the Lapland border and ends just below Pahakurkkio.
  • Björna FVOF

    Västersjön, Kravattnet m fl vatten - (03-09) The Baltic Sea The West Sea has planted trout and char. The lake has wind protection, barbecue area and is easily accessible both summer and winter. The tie The tie water has implanted trout. The water has windbreak, two piers, barbecue area and road in summer.
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