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Welcome to Sweden, a paradise for the angler! Come hook a salmon, trout or Arctic char, or a predator like the pike, perch or zander? is the leading service in Sweden for fishing permits online. Here you'll find information and fishing permits (licenses) for most of the largest and popular fishing lakes and rivers in the country. For fishing tourists, a personal valid local permit is all you need, there's no requirement for a national approval or license. 

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For information about fishing in Sweden, please read "Fishing in Sweden" (PDF)

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The most recent catch reports

12-04  Juhani Tapio
 Hällekis Båtklubb
 Fishing method:Pimpel
 Best lure/bait:Shrimp
  "poor ice"
  Stenbrottet Kinnekulle
 • 3 fish(es) Rainbow trout  at a total of 5.5 kg, Avg. Weight 1.83 kg.  "Largest 2 kg"
12-02  Jonas berglund
 Ljusdals FVOF
 Fishing method:Pimpel
 Best lure/bait:Shrimp
 Ljusdals FVO
 • 1 fish(es) Rainbow trout  at 2.5 kg.
12-03  Dan Karlsson
 Kumla Sportfiske
 Fishing method:Pimpel
 Best lure/bait:Heart / Liver
  "Very shy fish, only bit on stationary tackle."
  Lugnet, Säbylundssjön
 • 2 fish(es) Rainbow trout  at a total of 2.5 kg, Avg. Weight 1.25 kg.
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Recently added fishing waters

  • Singö FVOF

    Singö FVOF - (12-05) The area consists of approx. 4400 ha of fishing water around about 20 islands and a large number of kobbs and skerries. The area includes Storträsket, which is a lake.
  • Norra Vi Sportfiskeklubb

    Norra Vi Sportfiskeklubb Medlemskap/Fiskekort - (12-04) Norra Vi sportfishing club was founded in 1951. Today we have about 25 members. The club is located in the southern part of Lake Sommen. The club has a cabin next to the lake that members can use for overnight stays. Our competitions also start from the cabin.
  • Vassjöns FVO

    Vassjöns FVO - (12-04) Vassjön's FVO covers from the north the Aborrtjännarna, north and south, then Mejlösjön, Lilltjärn and North and South Ängtjärn in the western catchment area.
  • Boxholms Sportfiskeklubb

    Boxholms Sportfiskeklubb - (11-30) The sleep
  • Alsterån-Lillån FVOF

    Alsterån-Lillån FVOF - (11-30) Alsterån, the main channel from Fridhem in Alsterfors, through the community of Alstermo, through Rydefors to Fagraskogskvarn . ATTENTION!
  • Kalvträsk FVOF

    Granträsket, Fäbodträsket, Kalvträsket, Grubbträsket - (11-23) There is good water quality in all the area's lakes. The main fish species are pike, perch, grayling and whitefish. In Kvarndammen, rainbow trout and trout are planted every year. Fishing licenses can also be redeemed at White Mountain Logde.
  • Holmträsk-Storsjö FVO

    Holmträsk-Storsjö FVO - (11-21) Here there are plenty of large perch, pike, roach and some whitefish in the fishing lakes. In flowing water there are some grayling and brook trout. During summer, all lakes are easily accessible via roads and forest roads.
  • Häråns FVOF

    Häråns fiskevårdsområde - (11-20) Härån's fig conservation area consists of Härån with associated lakes such as Hubbestadsjön, Rolstorpasjön and Torrmyrasjön. The northern border of the area is the power plant at Blomfors and the southern border is the Bridge over the river at Björkefors.
  • Öfjärdens FVOF

    Öfjärdens FVOF Klingresjön, Älvsjösjön, Vikesjön, Öfjärden. - (11-13) Klingresjön, Älvsjösjön, Vikesjön, Öfjärden and associated ponds and running water in between. Öfjärden: pike, perch, bream, roach and id. Vikesjön: pike, perch, bream, roach. Lake Älvsjö and Lake Klingresjön: pike, perch, roach. Inner-Rödtjärnen: ruda Ytter-Rödtjärnen: perch, trout.
  • Garnsvikens FVOF

    Garnsvikens fvof - (11-03) Area 2. 1 square kilometers. Shoreline 20. 4 km. Average depth 4. 8 m. Maximum depth 10 m. Varied nature with, among other things, high mountains and elongated reed areas. Expected catch: Pike, perch, zander, asp and whitefish. Sea trout are planted in the lake.
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