Take a chance and be guided by a professional guide with years of experience! Hiring a fishing guide is now more than just having a person who knows "where the fish are."

During the guided time you have the opportunity to learn so much more and have a really nice time at the river, creek, stream, lake or the sea.

Learn eg basics of a fishing technique or improve you under the supervision of an instructor to teach you the more advanced techniques and methods. You can also learn how to use your lures the smartest way, how to read water, where to find the fish, how to drill and how you treat the fish when you shall carefully bring it back into the water again.

Many guides have specialized in a particular area, or a certain fishing techniques. Take the chance and learn about fly fishing different forms and techniques, and Harling, Jerkbait, Vertical Fishing, Spin Fishing, Sea Fishing and Trolling ...

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Dalarnas län (1 st)
Stockholms län (3 st)
Örebro län (1 st)
Södermanlands län (2 st)
Västra Götalands län (2 st)
Norrbottens län (5 st)
Östergötlands län (1 st)
Kalmar län (1 st)
Hallands län (3 st)
Västerbottens län (3 st)
Skåne län (2 st)
Uppsala län (2 st)
Västernorrlands län (1 st)
The fishing guides and instructors are presented by iFiske in collaboration with 'Fishingguide in Sweden', which is a guide pool for fishing guides and instructors in Sweden.
For you as a fisherman, it is Quality Assurance that these guides follow the applicable laws and regulations, have an ecological basic view and offer good reception and service!
To ask a guide for something or send a booking request, contact them via their email or phone in their profile. If you are in need of a guide and instructor in other parts of the country, you can contact Fishingguide In Sweden and we will help you.

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