Joacim Ljadas (Fishing guide / Instructor)

Joacim Ljadas

Hello and welcome to my page.
My name is Joacim Ljadas and I run my company Ljadas Mat och Äventyr (Ljadas Food and Adventure).
I am a fishing guide, outdoor entrepreneur and wilderness chef. 
With me you can find both beginner courses in fly fishing and also fishing for you who are already established fly fishermen, but I also arrange other fishing according after your wishes.
I offer nice fishing and good outdoor food in and around the Vindelälven at the height of the Selet / Långforsen and up in the Vindeln village with surrounding small lakes and creeks, the upper parts of the Lögdeälven and also other small but exciting lakes within an hour's drive from my base in Rödåsel.


NameJoacim Ljadas
Fishing watersVindel och Lögdeälven övre samt biflöden till dessa och sjöar i närheten.
CompanyLjadas Mat & Äventyr
SeasonsMay - September
Freelance guideYes!

Language skills

 English (Engelska / Englisch)Advanced
 Svenska (Swedish / Schwedisch)First language

Fishing techniques

Fly (Enhand)

 Contact information

 Mobile phone number: +4670-386 33 26
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