Jesper Ljungberg (Fishing guide / Instructor)

Jesper Ljungberg

Jesper Ljungberg 43 years old from Falkenberg.
Fishingguide and castinginstructor on and off since the year 2000.
Runs the guide and course company ”Fiskeguide i Falkenberg” (Fishinguide in Falkenberg) where I hold courses, lectures, guidings, events and more, mostly with a focus on flyfishing.
”I love fishing” is a frase I normaly starts my lectures with, and this frase really
says something about my fishing, I like to think and fish effectiv when I’m
fishing, to succeed a bit more in my fishing.
I’ve fished all my life, spinning, angling and flyfishing. Started flyfishing in 1994, and got my first Salmon on fly that year, then I was stuck.
During the middle of 2000s I fished arround 200 days a year.
Spinning dominated in the beginning, later I also fished a lot of seafishing in
Lofoten, Norway and more places during a couple of years.
But the last 15 years has been mostly about flyfishing for me.
My favorite waters is my home river Ätran and Högvadsån, Mörrum and Emån I visit every year also. Coastfishing for seatrout is another favorite.
I fish the most spieces on fly, with everything from a light singlehand rod to
heavy doublehand rods, with an extra passion for salmon, seatrout and
2016-2018 I was a part of the ProTeam Scierra Sweden.
But from the season of 2019 I’ve got the privilege to be a part of the Guideline
Powerteam and fish with their great products.
So if you’re keen on trying my passion together with me, you are welcome to
contact me for my guidings and courses.


NameJesper Ljungberg
Fishing watersÄtran, Högvadsån, Falkenbergs kusten, sjöar och åar i och omkring Falkenberg, östkusten och diverse andra vatten i södra Sverige
CompanyFiskeguide i Falkenberg
SeasonsMarch - Dec (depending on species)
Freelance guideYes!

Language skills

 English (Engelska / Englisch)Advanced
 Svenska (Swedish / Schwedisch)First language

Fishing techniques

Fly (Enhand)
Fly (two-handed)

 Contact information

 Mobile phone number: +46(0)705616023
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