Dennis Antonsson (Fishing guide / Instructor)

Dennis Antonsson

My name is Dennis Antonsson and I run the company HYRSJÖ which offers unique fishing opportunities in Central Sweden. In addition to guiding in three of the country's major lakes; Lake Vänern, Lake Vättern and Hjälmaren, I have the opportunity to offer unique top-class fishing in one of my private lakes located in the beautiful Bergslagsskogen. There is total silence here with only our guided tour in motion on the lake.
The most important thing for me is to create a holistic experience during my guided tours. I start entirely from my customers' wishes and abilities when it comes to fishing, but I want them to bring more than fishing catches and improved fishing technology when we part after the trip. For me, the nature experience, a good piece of food and a steaming cup of afternoon coffee is an important part of the fishing adventure!
In addition to guiding, I can offer crayfishing as a corporate event or for a private person. The crayfish fishing takes place in one of the 25 lakes I manage over. It is also possible to rent one of these lakes for your own use for an agreed period of time.
To name a few words about myself, I grew up in a family with a great interest in fishing and I learned various fishing techniques at an early age. Fishing has since become a big and important part of my life and I have had time to explore fishing in several parts of the world, from trout fishing on the Russian Kola Peninsula to sea fishing on the coast of Borneo. The fishing that is closest to my heart, however, is fly fishing in the Swedish Lapland mountains. My sons and I go here at least once a year to experience the open expanses and the feeling of when the Harren rises and takes the dry fly.


NameDennis Antonsson
Fishing watersToften,Teen,Vättern,Värnen,Hjälmarn och mina små privata sjöar
SeasonsYear round
Freelance guideYes!

Language skills

 English (Engelska / Englisch)Advanced
 Svenska (Swedish / Schwedisch)First language

Fishing techniques

Fly (Enhand)
ice fishing

 Contact information

 Mobile phone number: +46(0)703282833
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