Mikael Bergh (Fishing guide / Instructor)

Mikael Bergh

My name is Mikael Bergh and I offer guided tours in the archipelago and in Åby River. My big interests are nature and fishing. Have been fishing with reel, spin and fly since childhood in the rivers in the Västerbotten county and after the coast so I have great experience.
My nature and fishing interest started early due to that my parents have a cabin in the archipelago outside Åby River. I was angling from the pier after perch, but also fishing with spinning rod for pike and coastal graylings in the summer. This interest later developed into fly fishing first with one-handed rod at the coast and in the rivers. But soon its developed to fishing with two-handed rod for salmon in the Byske and Åby rivers.
Started my company in 2016 in addition to my regular employment and conducts guided tours in the Åby River and out on the coast from boat or shore as well as winter ice fishing.
Has a degree in fish biology with a focus on fish care and have also a degree in nautical competence. Fartygsbefäl klass VIII
Fishing and wildlife are the yoga in my life.

// Micke Bergh


NameMikael Bergh
Important informationHas a degree in fish biology with a focus on fish care and also has nautical skills.
Fishing watersÅbyälven samt kusten i norra västerbotten
SeasonsWinter, spring, summer and autumn
Freelance guideYes!

Language skills

 English (Engelska / Englisch)Advanced
 Svenska (Swedish / Schwedisch)First language

Fishing techniques

Fly (Enhand)
Fly (two-handed)

 Contact information

 Mobile phone number: +46706699135
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