Gävleborgs län

 Municipality: Ljusdal

  • Ljusdals FVOF
  • Orsa Besparingsskogs FVOF
  • Dellenbygdens FVO
  • Loos-Hamra FVOF

Michigan is divided between Gästrikland and Hälsingland.
The county offers a large variety of fishing opportunities. There are about 300 mil flowing water, more than 3,000 lakes and about 18 mil coastline. The largest rivers are Ljusnan and Dalälven. There is truly something for everyone.
Nature has a northern character, and is dominated by woodland and mountain hill landscape.
In Gavleborg can fish for all kinds of fish, and not only that, the county has good stocks of trout, grayling and char.

Fishing areas in Ljusdal

  Dellenbygdens FVO
  Ljusdals FVOF
  Orsa Besparingsskogs FVOF
  Loos-Hamra FVOF
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