Ice fishing Overview

Ice fishing

A modern variant of angling that primarily targeted for pike.

The Basics

Ismetet can call it modern angel fishing. When ismetar as it uses short Ismet rods, reel, and a so-called feather duster with bells for switching, acting pacifier indicator. It is first and foremost the modern fishing equipment in the form of rod, reel and line that separates ismetet from Angel fishing.

The neat thing with ice fishing is that you can can fish several holes at the same time, thanks to the efficient feeding indicators. Usually you do up holes in a pattern that is believed to cover the fish-bearing water, and then simply waiting for the blow. When ismetar uses almost exclusively natural baits, then fish. Roach is common, but also smelt and herring, dead or alive. Angling with live bait fish is controversial but occurs widely still.
As with everything so ice fishing safety is incredibly important. Go rather not go out alone on the ice is thinner than 10 cm, have with you safety equipment such as mobile phone, whistle and isdobbar.


A ismetespö is a short and sharp rod and is relatively cheap.
The rolls can use either reel or multiplier reel.
The rope used is nylon, and the last bit is customary to splice a piece flourcarbon. Fish for pike, you should have a gäddtafs, for example. a steel wire closest to the bait. Above tippet insert a kulsänke, or other weight that makes the bait stays on the depth you want to fish. The bait, ie the bait, attach one or two trekrokar, preferably in small size (6-8).

In addition to the rod, reel and line (and angel rocker) you also need a drill, and the drill must preferably be of larger diameter (200 mm) to catch the really big fish. You also need an unhooking mat, without unhooking mat can be difficult to manage fish on the ice without damaging its mucus layer. It may also help to have a good pair of pliers to quickly unhook the fish and let it go back. Another thing that really helps if it's supposed to bring a lot of equipment is a glacial sledding.

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