Lagan-Hjörneredssjöarnas FVOF


Lagan, Hjörneredssjön

  Hallands län / Laholm Municipality.

Is a fishing lake in Lagans on and off. The area extends from Lagan from Knäred's upper power station to Skogaby power station with Krokån up to the public road in Knäred, as well as the Hjörnered lake with Hultadammen.

 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.


Org ID: 1009, Area 968

Lagan-Hjörneredssjöarnas FVOF

We are a fish care association that works to fish for the public to be as attractive as possible and provide a pleasant experience.

Contact persons

Lars-Bertil Pettersson
Hult 11
312 52 Knäred


Fishing areas nearby Lagan-Hjörneredssjöarnas FVOF

Laholms Laxfiske
Hultasjön, Gårdsjön, Krokasjön och Vemmentorpssjön
Brearedssjön, Simlången och Gyltigesjön, Töddesjön

Affiliated fishing areas in Hallands län
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