Hallands län
  • Lagan-Hjörneredssjöarnas FVOF
  • Smedjeåns FVOF
  • Sunnedamms Sportfiske
  • Laholms Laxfiske
  • Vänneåns FVO

Halland is a coastal landscape in southwestern Sweden.
The landscape borders on Skåne, Småland and Västergötland. The nature that Halland offers is a very beautiful and varied nature with large bushes in the south and west as well as large bush forests in the east and north. There are also lots of beaches, forests, hills, plains, agriculture, coniferous forests, mixed forests, deciduous forests and wetlands. Not to mention the beautiful Archipelago. The largest and most famous waterfalls are Viskan, Ätran, Nissan and Lagan.
The fish in Halland offers everything from Salmon fishing, sea fishing, Put & Take, fishing in small to large lakes and fishing in large as well as small streams. When Lagan has one of the best salmon and sea trout fishing and the river Ätran is the classic salmon water.

Affiliated fishing areas in Laholm

  Laholms Laxfiske
This area has one or more fishing spots available for disabled. For more information, please see the fishing area map, or contact Laholms Laxfiske.

  Lagan-Hjörneredssjöarnas FVOF
In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.

  Smedjeåns FVOF
  Sunnedamms Sportfiske
In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.
The area includes one or more fishing areas for catch-and-release, i.e the fishes are gently put back into the water alive.

  Vänneåns FVO
In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.

 Yep, We sell permits for this area!We don't sell permits in this area

The most recent catch reports

Johnny Ahlslied, 20-03-28
Lagan, Hjörneredssjön
 Fishing method:Vertical Fishing
 Best lure/bait:Jig / Soft Bait (Fish-like)
  "Brilliant sun, some wind and 10 degrees warm"
 • 1 fish(es) Zander  at 1.5 kg.
Gheorghe Coada, 20-03-07
Lagan (Laholms Laxfiske)
 Fishing method:Spinning
 Best lure/bait:Spinners large (12+ grams)
 Laholms Laxfiske
 • 1 fish(es) Brown Trout (Not leaked) (Female) (With fat fena) at 2.1 kg and 60 cm.
Jürg Ueltschi, 19-10-05
Lagan, Hjörneredssjön
 Fishing method:Spinning
 Best lure/bait:Spinner small (0-5 gr)
 • 1 fish(es) Pike  at 2.0 kg.  "Size 64cm"
Johnny Ahlslied, 19-09-18
Lagan, Hjörneredssjön
 Fishing method:Trolling
 • 1 fish(es) Perch  at 0.2 kg.  (  No, released!)
 • 1 fish(es) Perch  at 0.5 kg.
 • 1 fish(es) Pike  at 1.0 kg.  (  No, released!)
 • 1 fish(es) Zander  at 1.8 kg.
Olle Eliasson, 19-08-27
Lagan, Hjörneredssjön
 Fishing method:Spinning
 Best lure/bait:Spinner midsize (6-12 grams)
 • 13 fish(es) Perch  at a total of 0.3 kg, Avg. Weight 0.02 kg.  (  No, released!)
Lena-Marie Burrows, 19-08-09
Lagan, Hjörneredssjön
 Fishing method:Angling
 Best lure/bait:Earthworm
 • 2 fish(es) Perch  at a total of 0.0 kg, Avg. Weight 0.01 kg.  (  No, released!)
 • 1 fish(es) Common bream  at 0.5 kg.  "Maximus, 8 years old, caught this Brax with mask at Flammabadet!"   (  No, released!)
Emma Carlsson, 19-08-05
Lagan, Hjörneredssjön
 Fishing method:Spinning
 • 1 fish(es) Perch  at 0.8 kg.
Irmelin Jonsson, 19-07-31
Lagan, Hjörneredssjön
 Fishing method:Spinning
 Best lure/bait:Spinner midsize (6-12 grams)
 Lagan hjörneredssjöarna
 • 1 fish(es) Pike  at 3.8 kg.
Matteo Ferrari, 19-06-29
 Fishing method:Jerkbait
 Best lure/bait:Synthetic / Powerbait / Gulp
 • 1 fish(es) Pike  at 1.0 kg.  (  No, released!)
Haris Music, 19-05-31
Vänneån, Grysshultasjön, Vännesjön och Ljungsjön
 Fishing method:
 • 1 fish(es) Brown Trout  at 0.3 kg.  (  No, released!)

Catch reports

The most recent catch reports Laholm kommun 
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