Stensåns mellersta FVOF



  Hallands län / Laholm municipality.

Stensån looks for a beautiful and changing landscape along the north side of Hallandsås and then opens into the bay of Laholms just north of Båstad.

Fishing is granted on the route from road E6 in the west to Dönardalen (Våxtorp) in the east.

Stensån is mainly suitable for spin fishing. At certain distances great precision is required in the throw to reach under the trees. Some places are suitable for fly fishing, mainly upstream of Åstarp's bridge.

Salmon fishing works best at high water levels.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 17.

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Stensåns mellersta FVOF

Landowners and fishing right holders form the fisheries conservation association on the stretch from road E6 in the west upstream to road 24. Fishing licenses are sold for the stretch E6 - Dönardalen (Våxtorp).

Other retailers in addition to iFiske:
Dönardalen delicacies: 070 - 260 68 00.
Träd & Häck, Hasslöv: 0763 - 22 06 88.
Annual cards can be booked with Torsten Filipsson 0708706779, limited number.

Organization number: 06652497-1196

Customer number: 3014, Area: 3015.

Contact persons

Mikael Iwansson

070 - 260 68 00

Kjell Hugosson
0734 - 04 38 57


Fishing areas nearby Stensåns mellersta FVOF

Lagan (Laholms Laxfiske)
Lägerplatser Lagaleden (Laholm)
Lagan, Hjörneredssjön

Affiliated fishing areas in Hallands län
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