Laholms Kommun (Lagaleden)

  • The team trail within Laholm municipality

Lägerplatser Lagaleden (Laholm)

  Hallands län / Laholm municipality.

The Lagaleden stretches 150 km from Lake Bolmen in Småland out to the sea in Laholmsbukten. You choose how long you want to paddle. If you don't have your own canoe, there are canoe rentals along the trail. The canoe rentals offer canoe transport to/from the start or finish location. The season runs from May 1 - September 30.

No matter which route you choose, a fantastic nature experience awaits. When you quietly glide along Lagan, a varied nature awaits and the opportunity to see many wild animals and a rich bird life.

There are around 30 campsites along the Lagaleden. They are marked with signs depicting a canoe and a tent. On these there is a rubbish bin, toilet, firewood and on many an overnight shelter. If you want to spend the night at the campsite, you pay a fee online via iFiske alt. canoe check. The price for an overnight stay is SEK 50/person in the canoe. Youth under 14 no charge.


A popular area to paddle in is the Hjörneredssjöarna. It is a calm water and there are lots of islands to beachcomb on. The canoe is also available for rent directly at the Hjörneredssjöarna.

All canoe rental companies have websites. Links are below.

Canoe hirers along the Lagan from north to south


Laholms Kommun (Lagaleden)

Logo Laholms Kommun (Lagaleden)

Laholm municipality is located in the southernmost part of the province of Halland on the border with both Skåne and Småland. The river Lagan flows through the municipality in an east-west direction.

Organization number: 212000-1223

Customer number: 3124, Area: 3141.

Contact persons

Laholms kommun
fritidsenheten växeltelefon 0430 - 150 00


Fishing areas nearby Laholms Kommun (Lagaleden)

Lagan, Hjörneredssjön
Lagan (Laholms Laxfiske)

Affiliated fishing areas in Hallands län
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