Svartsjöarnas FVOF


Norra Svartsjön, Mellansvartsjön och Södra Svartsjön

There are great opportunities to get big whitefish and perch. While trout and pike are however not as much as whitefish and perch.

Area consists of three lakes, but we fish in two of them, and Norra- Between Sea.

The lakes have been planted in trout, but most consist of lake whitefish and perch. You get reports on large whitefish and perch kg. The lake is used during the winter, but especially in summer, and is best reached by boat.

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Org ID: 950, Area 903

Svartsjöarnas FVOF

The fishing area includes three lakes and a few short åsträckor. The fishing going on all year round, the best available in winter with blah. scooter. We have planted the trout, rainbow trout and last for several years without any good results. However, there are very large whitefish and perch.

Contact persons

Roland Johansson, 070-577 21 01

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