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Day permit / Almaåns övre FVOF

Issued by Almaåns övre FVOF in cooperation with
Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid in 24 hours   
Price: 25 kr (SEK, Incl. VAT)
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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Fish Plan Almaåns upper fiskevårdsområde Purpose: The purpose of this plan is to plan and set up rules for fishing in the upper Almaåns fiskevårdsområde. Scope: The plan covers all fishing within Almaåns upper Fishery Conservation and applies fish meeting in 2003 until a change occurs. This can only be done on fish meeting. Minimum size: Pike: 40 cm Salmon 50 cm Trout: 50 cm Signal Crayfish: 11 cm (body length) Closed seasons: Trout and salmon may be fished March 1 to September 30. Signal crayfish may be fished second Friday in August at 17.00 and 5 days ahead. All fishes and lobsters below the minimum dimension or who are trapped in the prohibited period shall invariably be released back into the river immediately. All fishing for eels is forbidden by law for 2007-05-01. Fighting Mink: Mink today represent a problem for the wildlife in and around Almaån. The association and its members should work for the decimation of the mink population. The association owns three pieces mink traps for lending, the capture of mink, the gamekeeper give his permission if other than he is conducting mink hunting. Protection of the natural values: The association will work to preserve the natural values ​​that are in and around Almaån and take the necessary measures to protect them. The owners' fishing fishing: Member (owners of fishing) may fish in their own village water well with hand tools in the entire fishing area. Members' guests are allowed in the company of a member fish without a fishing license. Fishing Evidence shall be kept for catching up. Board sells fishing certificate for $ 100 / st and is valid for 5 years. Crayfish plan to be drawn up for the villages with jointly fishing for facilitating the distribution of fishing and to avoid disagreements on how the fishery should be conducted. The plan shall be established by the Fish Meeting. Grant: The grant in the area for fishing lure. Fishing licenses are sold in the form of day, week and season tickets. Prices are 25, 75 and $ 200. Children under 18 fish for free. Member may not start quaking grant fishing to outsiders.
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