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Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid for 365 days   
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
The text on this page is machine translated. We can not guarantee that the translation from Swedish to English is 100% accurate. Please refer to the Swedish page for the correct, original version of the text.

Fishing license applies to holders plus spouse / spouse and child under 15 years.

1. Fishing license holders are obliged to provide a short and valid identification on fishing and, on request, show it to fishermen, police or fish owners and, on request, show the catch.

2. The card is personal and may not be transferred. Abuse in this or otherwise entails card withdrawal.

3. Fishing license holders may catch a maximum of THREE FEATURES or THREE GÖSAR per day. Fish only for house needs.

4. Only hooked fish, including spout, throwing pole or pimpel are allowed. All other tools, including trolling, are prohibited. A hand tool per fisherman is allowed.

5. According to the fishing permit, minimum dimensions apply to fish caught. BODY 50 cm, GÖS 50 cm.
Fish below these dimensions shall be immediately released and released.

6. Fishing license holders are required to comply with the special provisions for recreational fishing, which may be issued during the year.

7. Avoid landing on islets and cut during breeding time, given bird protection.

8. The right to professional fishing may be unscheduled. Fishing must not occur within 100 m from fixed gear such as summer or winter net and bottoms.

9. In violation of these regulations, a control fee will be charged.

10. Crimes against fishing legislation entail liability to court.

11. Fishing ban is available at. 24:00 - 06:00.

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