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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
The text on this page is machine translated. We can not guarantee that the translation from Swedish to English is 100% accurate. Please refer to the Swedish page for the correct, original version of the text.
Fishing regulations for water in
Ullatti fishery conservation association
general fishing
Valid fishing license and a valid ID must be presented.
Fishing is permitted only with hand tools, so-called "fishing pressure" is strictly forbidden!
All fishing with static gear, including network, trap, etc. is not allowed
Fishing with towed or heaving line with more than three hooks are not allowed.
Fishing with otter or comparable equipment is not allowed.
All fishing must be done with caution and respect for sustainable fishing.
Consideration must always be taken to the cottage and property owners.
Running water
Fishing from a boat is not allowed.
Fishing with natural baits (worms, shrimp, fish bait, etc.) is not allowed.
All winter fishing such as Ice / Ice fishing is not allowed.
Tributaries and Myllyjoki Mailiojoki
These streams are called "nursery areas" for trout and young salmon and is therefore not upplåtna for fishing.
The rivers are growing trout and laxungarna up to a few years to go out to bigger waters.
When adult fish will return to the stream / streams to a single female be the source of several hundred fish.
To protect spawning and nursery areas is therefore a very important part of our
efforts to build up trout and salmon stocks in Ängesåns water.
tributary Pierujoki
All trout caught must unconditionally be released, see above about Myllyjoki and Mailiojoki.
salmon fishing
Minimum size 50 cm
Lure fishing for salmon is permitted 1 June to 31 August
All salmon caught after this date must unconditionally be released in the watercourse
Only 1 (one) salmon per angler per day may be caught and retained, annual quota is 3 salmon per license.
trout fishing
Only one (1) trout per angler per day is between 30 cm and 45 cm must be maintained when fishing
Lure fishing for trout is allowed between June 1st and August 31st
From 1 September until 14 October are protected trout during their spawning season.
This helps protect both the rising fish, smolt, as larger lekfiskar who wandered up from the sea.
grayling fishing
A maximum of 5 (five) fishing with minimum size of 35 cm must be maintained
Grayling fishing lure is allowed except in winter as well as during the period 15 April to 31 May
The fishing was better before? .. Well, maybe so, but we are working to build up the tribes again.
Would you like to pull your bit? please contact one of the board for details.
In addition to the above rules, the national rules, those take precedence.
The above rules apply until further notice and may change during the season.
You alone are responsible to check what applies before you start fishing.
County Board and seas can provide more informed
The Board of Ullatti fishery conservation association
Internet: / email:
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