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Fishing rights license / Varpans FVOF

Issued by Varpans FVOF in cooperation with
Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid to the end of the year (31 Dec at 23:59)   
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
The text on this page is machine translated. We can not guarantee that the translation from Swedish to English is 100% accurate. Please refer to the Swedish page for the correct, original version of the text.

Varpans fishing area covers all waters in the red-marked area on the map. The red-marked watercourses in the area, ie. Lill-Bjursen, Stor Bjørsen, Svarttjärnen, Rackeltjärnen, Sätterbotjärn, Stensjön, Karlsbotjärn, Skogsmyran, Kalven, Lilla Åltjärnen, Igeltjärnen, Uvbergstjärnen, are NOT part of the fish care area. (The map is available on the website, see the start page link fishing rules 2019-03-19)

Fishing license holder's fishing license

Fishing licenses are purchased digitally via Individual fishing rights shall be shown through the holding of a fishing license. The fishing license is to be included in the fishing and is displayed on request. The fishing license is issued for the property and applies to fishermen and their family.

Fishing license costs 50 SEK per year. A fishing license may be purchased per per cent of the property's share in the fishery area.

A fishing license can be transferred throughout the year under the following conditions. The fishery owner buys the fishing license at and writes on a note that it is transferred from the fish owner to a certain person. The holder of the fishing permit and the person to whom he or she handles the fishing license must state by name and address, telephone number and, if possible, the e-mail address. A copy of the transferred fishing license must be sent to the chairman of the fishery area by e-mail or otherwise submitted to the Board.

In Djuptjärn, Rogsån and Stångtjärn, which are leased out, the terms of the fish owners' fishing according to the lease agreement apply instead of the rules below!

Fishing with captive gear such as nets, ryssja and cages may only be done in their own waters (individual water or in their own shift). Extensive gear shall be marked with fishing booth or similar.

The fishing booth must be clearly marked with the property name. Linking gear is prohibited. Unmarked tools can be seized and handed to the police.

Not more than 16 cages per fish certificate. Minimum crayfish size is 10 centimeters from tail to nose.

Crayfish fishing may only be carried out during the period July 15 - September 15th.

The fishing license entitles you to fishing gear in the entire area (except Djuptjärn, Rogsån and Stångtjärn) according to the rules governing public fishing.

That is, max 2 spoons per fishing license. When fishing with a mobile motor-driven boat max 2 spikes / cards, but max 4 spoons / boat.

Pike over 90 centimeters should be immediately released.

Max 15 angeldon at ice fishing.

Bet only with dead bait from the same water area. A water area is bounded by fishing obstacles for the fish.

All catches should be reported via Ifiske.

Fishing rules for real estate that have fishing rights in Rogsån
· Fisheries owners with a fishing license fish on their own water
Fishing licenses are obtained through Varpans fishing area - see
Fishing in flowing water = fly fishing stretches: (marked on map available on the website, See the start page link fishing rules 2017-03-19)
· Dam Rogsjön to the entrance of Jämtbodammen
· A distance from the bridge at the little farm and north.
Only catch and release with hollowless hook.
Fishing in the calm waters and the ponds
· Fishing with any hand tools allowed
· Winter fishing from ice in calm water may take place like pimples and angling
· Net fishing ban generally throughout the river
Crab fishing is permitted only for fish owners.
For crayfish fishing, the rules of the fishery area apply.
Fishing ban in flowing water September 15 to April 30.
Catch Limit.
Falu Sportfiskeklubb recommends that all caught trout be reinstated.
It is based on an estimated low reproduction. The club has practiced this for many years.
As an alternative to this, a catch limit as follows:
Minimum dimensions of trout 35cm. Max three earrings / property and year.

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