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 Planted water except Digertjärn
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Day permit / Sveg-Herrö FVOF

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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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All fishing without a Mediterranean fishing license is prohibited - however, children and young people fish for free until they reach the age of 15. The fishing permit is personal and must not be transferred.

You are obliged to obtain current-day information regarding regulations and fishing bans.

Fishing license entitles to sport fishing with a hand tool or a move after boat, except for Svegssjön, Ljusnan downstream of Svegssjön and Vallsjön where several rods can be used for fishing from a boat. However, fly throws with a maximum of three flies are allowed. Fishing with nets, scissors, angeldons, stern hooks, long lines, hooves, meadows, shrubs and otters is prohibited, as is jerk fishing.

Exceptions : Persons who are permanent residents within the boundaries of the fishery conservation area have the right to fish with nets or meadows in Svegssjön. All fishing license buyers also have the right to fish with angeldon and pike scissors in Svegssjön, Ljusnan downstream of Svegssjön and Vallsjön, however altogether a maximum of 10 angeldons or pike shears per person.

In planted ponds and lakes, the number of fish that can be caught is by the species trout, char and rainbow trout maximized to 3 fish / day and card. For fishermen with an annual pass, 3 fish / day applies, when additional fishing the same day, day cards must be purchased.

As planted tarns and lakes, Vargknätttjärn, Hocksjön, Hundsjön, Skrattabbortjärn and Digertjärn are counted. Note that in Digertjärn only day cards apply, this day card is specific to Digertjärn.

All planted water except Ljusnan downstream of Svegssjön is closed for fishing from 1 October to 14 December.

The same water is open for ice fishing from ice cream from December 15th until May 31st. Other sport fishing as above is allowed from June 1st to September 30th. Thus, after ice dissolution, fishing bans exist until 1 June. With the exception of Svegssjön, Ljusnan downstream of Svegssjön and Vallsjön

The Fisheries Area may decide on temporary fishing bans in certain waters. The fishing license vendors can provide information on where fishing bans are available on every occasion. Current information is also available on the association's website

Fishing for trout during the period 1 September to 31 October, and fishing for grayling during the period April 1 through May 15 is prohibited in all flowing watercourses except Ljusnan downstream of Svegssjön, as well as in lakes and seals within a distance of 200 meters from the inlet and outlet. Anyone who catches a trout or grayling in the prohibition area should immediately return the fish to the water. For regulating ponds and specially arranged fishing roads, all fishing is prohibited 50 meters upstream and 50 meters downstream from the dam building or fishing path calculated.

It is prohibited to fish from a boat, floating boat or other craft in all ponds within the fishing area.

Fishing for crayfish or mussels is prohibited.

Minimum size: trout, char, grayling and rainbow 35 cm. Minimum dimensions do not apply to the pelvis after trout and brook trout.

By agreement, the fishing permit entitles to fishing in the entire Stråsjön, Abborrtjärn, Östingsjön, Mörttjärn, Granremssjön, Gröningen, Flärken and Svedbergstjärn. The card does not qualify for fishing in Amsen, Kroktjärnsbäcken, Kroktjärn, Gryssjöån, Hälltjärn, Övre Gryssjön and the Mellangryssjön.

The fishing permit entitles to fishing in Vemån only downstream of the highway bridge (national road 84).

Annual pass entitles to phishing in Öratjärn, Botvasselsjön, Långsjön -Bäckostjärn, Övre Skörmingsjön, Nedre Skörmingsjön and the parts of Siksjön, Tyckeln and Tryggtyckeln which are part of Sveg-Herrö fishery care area.

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