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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
The text on this page is machine translated. We can not guarantee that the translation from Swedish to English is 100% accurate. Please refer to the Swedish page for the correct, original version of the text.

Fishing prohibited in the following waters during the autumn:

In Långsjön between 24/10 to 4/12. Premiere on 4/12.

Lässen, Esttjärn 27/9 with premiere 4/12

Tansen, Bästen 25/10 with premiere 4/12

Myrflaten 24/10 with premiere 4/12

General Fishing Rules
Fishing may be conducted against the issue of fishing licenses in all waters in Gagnefs / Mockfjärd parishes.
NOTE! There may be fishing waters with special regulations. You as an angler are obliged to find out which regulations apply
Persons registered in the church in Gagnef or Mockfjärd's parishes may buy place cards. The family card holders' family members such as children, in-laws or daughters-in-law, even if they live in another place, also have the right to redeem local cards.

Children under 16 fish for free.
The owner or co-owner of a holiday home or agricultural property located within the fisheries conservation area, has the right to buy a local card even if he or she lives in another place.

In the following noble fishing waters, only handline fishing is permitted:

Tryssjön, Rosen, Garntjärn with rivers, Långsjön, Grästjärn, Bröttjärnaån, Surensån, Lilla Fjästtjärn and the rivers' tributaries. In Lortån, fishing is not allowed.

In Tansån, the following applies: Totally protected from the estuary to the bridge at Vimans. Above Viman's bridge to Tansen's outlet, fishing is allowed from 1 June to 31 July.
Trolling fishing may be conducted with 2 rods per person. Other fishing, a hand-held rod. A maximum of 2 precious fish may be caught per card and day.

In the rivers, the following minimum dimensions apply: Male 35 cm and Trout 40 cm. Exception: Djurforsen, Lögnersforsen, see special box at the top right of this page.

  • Prohibition of drift fishing with bottle or stand hook and net fishing in the following waters: Tansen, Bästen, Långsjön, Esttjärn, Lessen and Nässjön. In other waters, phishing is permitted for holders of local cards.
  • Angling is allowed in all waters. However, pike shears are not allowed.
  • Outstanding fishing gear must be provided with a name tag .
  • Grayling fishing prohibited from 1 May - until 1 June.
  • Trout fishing prohibited in flowing water from 15 September to 1 November.
  • Crayfish fishing : Only holders of local licenses may redeem crayfish fishing licenses. Provision according to the annual meeting resolution. Crayfish fishing only applies to locals and these fishing licenses are sold directly by the association.

Supervision takes place continuously. Violations of current rules will be prosecuted.

Special rules

  • Fishing regulations Djurforsen, Lögnersforsen: Fishing allowed only with artificial baits Of fish caught, grayling grayling between 30-35 cm may be retained. For trout, the dimensions 40 and 45 cm apply. Other fish must be put back in the rapids.
  • Violations of current rules are prosecuted
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