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Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid to the end of the year (31 Dec at 23:59)   
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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- Children under 16 years fishing on a parent's fishing license (Does not apply to pool licenses)
- Catch limit is a maximum of 4 fish per fisherman and day for the species grayling, trout and char.
- Minimum size for Trout and Char is 30 cm and for grayling 35 cm.
- Fishing for trout in flowing water and within a distance of 200 meters from its inflow and outflow is prohibited 1 Sept. - 31 Oct.
- During the grayling spawning season 20 April - 10 June, fishing is prohibited within a distance of 200 meters from the inflows and outflows to Övre Fjetsjön (# 6), Östra and V: a Vattnan (# 4 and # 3), Östra and V: a perch bays (# 9, # 8) and Lilla Tandsjön (# 37).
- In Lossen / Tännån, a fishing ban applies from the map line over Tännån below county road 311 (See fishing map) to 200 m downstream of national road 84 from 1 August until the icing.

Upper Mysklan upstream of the bridge and to the border at the fishing stream only fly fishing with a fly rod and with a valid fly fishing license.
Downstream of the bridge general fishing.

Floating is only allowed in the following waters: V. Vattnan, Ö Vattnan, Ö o V Abborrvikarna, Lossen, Ö Vingarna, Övre Fretsjön, Frösjön, Ränningsvallssjön, Stortjärn, V. Vingarna and Styggtjärn.

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