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For current rules go to the link to our website:
It is the fisherman's responsibility to find out the current rules before fishing starts.
The fishing license must be printed out and carried with you when fishing.
Valid 00.00 to 23:59 for trolling fishing.

  • Maximum 1 trout per day.
  • All trout between 60-90 cm must be re-released.
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Dagkort - Trolling / Rättvik Boda FVOF

Issued by Rättvik Boda FVOF in cooperation with
Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid to the end of the day (At 23:59)   
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
The text on this page is machine translated. We can not guarantee that the translation from Swedish to English is 100% accurate. Please refer to the Swedish page for the correct, original version of the text.

Go to our website to see which rules apply

Or open the pdf file on the ifis app "Fiskeregler 2021"

Or scroll down and read.

There you have a map and rules for the area.

It is the fisherman's responsibility to find out the current rules before fishing starts.

Fishing rules Rättvik Boda fv0 2021

Extent of the area

The fishery conservation area's fishing waters are shown in the attached map. In the following boundary waters that are shared with other fisheries conservation areas, the fishing license applies to fishing within the entire water with the rules of the adjacent area.

Ickån, Icksjön, Grundlien, Draggen, Sötrönningstjärn, Långtjärn, Berglömming, Amungen, Vålsjön, Södra ungsjön, Djuplagen, Mörttjärn, Västtjärn, Brossen, Littjärn, Salutjärn, Eliastjärn, Abborrtjärn.

Owners of holiday homes on Hälsinglandsstrand by Amungen and persons belonging to Envikens FVO are entitled to fishing in Amungen with all permitted gear as local residents.

The following waters are prohibited from fishing in or require a special fishing license. (bold FISHING PROHIBITION)

Ljusacksen, Kringeltjärn, Igeltjärn, Gryssen, Jälltjärn, Budtjärn, Gunnarsbotjärn and Östgårdsdamen.

Separate rules apply here.

Fishing ban prevails:

* 150 m downstream of the bypass at Kvarndammen in May, September and October.

* In Enån between Övre Vinteråkvarndammen and 100 m below Nedre Vinteråkvarndammen.

* In Saluån from the road Västgärde-Kullsbjörken to the river outlet in Siljan.

* In Rockån / Rocktjärn all year round.

* In Rockviken September, October and November (see map).

* Net fishing ban in Amungen from 1 September to the end of November (net fishing for whitefish is allowed with a maximum mesh size of 18 mm)

* In Ljugaren, there is a trolling ban and a net ban in the conservation area from 1 September to the end of December (see map).

* All net laying / barrels / nets closer than 200 m from marked embankments is prohibited in the entire area.

To protect the trout's spawning, fishing bans apply from 1 September to 1 May in all running waters. (Exception One where fishing for grayling is approved until the last of October)

* Fishing ban 300 m from inlet in lakes during September to December ..

Otter fishing / scissors / stand hook is prohibited in the whole area.

In running water only hand tools are allowed. All butts, nets and Russians must be clearly marked with name and telephone number. You must not turn off more than 40% with nets. minimum distance from excellent soaps is 200m for nets and nets. Crayfish fishing is not included in the fisheries conservation area.

One, Draggån and Ickån

All grayling must be released.

All trout under 35cm must be released.

Ljugaren / Dådransjön, Amungen, Långsjön, Norra och södra Ungsjöarna.

All trout between 60 cm - 95 cm must be released. max 1 trout per day.

St and L Light iron.

All char under 35 cm must be released. max 2 chars per day.

St Vansen

All trout between 50 cm - 80 cm must be released. max 1 trout per day.


All trout between 50 cm - 80 cm must be released. Max 1 trout per day.

All char under 35cm must be released. Max 2 chars per day.

St and L Laxtjärn, Pålstjärn, Öraltjärn and Klövstjärn.

All trout under 40cm must be released. Max 2 trout per day.

Rules Ljugaren, Dådransjön, Amungen and (Ungsjöarna not trolling).

Trolling fishing max 6 rods per boat (requires special fishing license) (you can not redeem more cards)

Ice bait max 8 rods with three hooks per card / fisherman (you can not solve more cards).

Angling may only be conducted with a fishing hook

All trout between 60cm - 95cm must be released. Max 1 trout per day.

Rules St Vansen

Only fly fishing is allowed. Fishing from a boat, kayak, pontoon boat, canoe, etc. is prohibited. Only fishing from floating (u or v shaped where fins are the main way to get around, there may be oars) and from land.
All trout between 50cm - 80 cm must be released. Max 1 trout per day.

Applies to all waters within RBFVO

All perch over 40cm must be released.

All pike over 90cm must be released

Permitted tools

Tourist card

Only fishing with hand gear such as angling, spinning, fly, casting, pimpling and a maximum of 10 fishing rods with fishing hook not wooden hook.

Location map

All permitted fishing gear with the exception of net fishing. Max 15 angeldon with angel hook not three hook. However, net fishing is permitted in the following waters Icksjön, Grundlien, Amungen, Ljugaren / Dådransjön, Vålsjön.

Certificate of fishing license

Same rules as place cards. Valid as a family card. (not trolling)

Ljusacksen / Kringeltjärn

Only hand gear is allowed and a maximum of one rod per fisherman and card.

No trawling is allowed, neither trawl, fly nor float. (the implement must not be in the water when moving)

A maximum of 1 extra hanger is allowed per rod.

Jawjacks and similar gear are prohibited. (tools that you do not hold in your hand that are self-hooking)

Mashing is forbidden. 2 precious fish per day.

Day pass only

All illegal fishing will be REPORTED TO THE POLICE. In the case of illegal fishing, a control fee is payable.

It is the fisherman's responsibility to keep track of the applicable rules for the waters in which you fish.

These are available on the RBFVO website and on and as an appendix to fishing licenses.

The inspection fee is set at SEK 2,500 according to the Annual General Meeting and these rules are marked in red.

And distributed directly on site. (decision according to annual meeting 2020 04 14).

The fishing license is a personal document and cannot be transferred to anyone else.

All children up to the age of 16 fish for free on the regular card with a hand tool within RBFVO.


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