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Fiskepasset - 1 dygn / Fiskepasset i Funäsdalen

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Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid in 24 hours   
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
The text on this page is machine translated. We can not guarantee that the translation from Swedish to English is 100% accurate. Please refer to the Swedish page for the correct, original version of the text.

The following rules apply to those fishing with the Funäsdalspasset

  • The fishing pass is personal and must not be transferred.
  • The passport also applies to young people under the age of 16 who accompany the cardholder.
  • The fishing passport must be carried during fishing and at the request of the fishing supervisor be presented for inspection.
  • Sport fishing refers to hook fishing with rod, as well as towing hook, with at most one bait (3 hooks or hangers).
  • Fishing for trout in flowing water and in lakes and seals within a distance of 200 m from its inlet and outlet is prohibited during the period 1 / 9-31 / 10.
  • In Tännån it is allowed to fish harr after 1/9, trout must be re-released.
  • Catch limitation shall apply to Trout, Red and Harr.
  • Max 4 fish / day
  • Minimum dimensions: Trout and Red 30 cm. Gray 35 cm.

Exceptions Water

  • In Tännån, fishing bans from the power line downstream of the county road 311 to 200 m downstream road 84 from the 1/8 until the iceberg prevail.
  • For trolling fishing in Lossen, special rules apply, information on this can be found at Tännäs Fiskecenter.
  • During Harren's lesson 20 / 4-10 / 6, fishing bans are within a distance of 200 m from the entrances and outlets to the Upper Lake Lake, the East and the West Peripherals, East and West Vängarna and Lilla Tandsjön.
  • Special fishing license also applies to Lake Malmagen in Fjällnäs. You can find the fishing license at Göransgården.
  • In Tännån, above Pool 4, you buy a fishing license in connection with accommodation at Nättan Skog & Fritid.
  • Only day card at Messmörtjärn and Storbäckstjärn.
  • Special fishing license applies to Frösjön, the swimming pools 1-4 in Tännån, the East Abborrvickarna and for parts of the upper Mysklan (above the bridge Käringsjövallen). You can find the fishing license at Tännäs Fiskecentrum.
  • The first stream from the signs at Messlingens outlet and about 500 m down to the first calm water (Lillhån) is completely forbidden for fishing.
  • Quoted fishing in the upper part of Ljusnan. stretch the suspension bridge at Liiåsvallen upstream 9 km to the Klinken suspension bridge. 8 fishermen / day, 1 fish / pers. in the exit window 30-40 cm.


  • Ljusnan, from the cemetery (Bruksvallarna) 1 km downstream.
  • as Breda
  • nail Tarn
  • Mittån: Starting from 1 km upstream of the bridge in Mittådalen and another 2 km upstream (to Mittåfallet, below Mittåberget).
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