Supply details for your fishing permit(s)! Skagern (50 kr/item)

 OBS! Fisket får endast bedrivas 200 meter ut från land i hela Skagern och 100 meter ut från de större öarna Bergsholmarna, Falebuholmen och Gullön!
 Annual pass, 365 days.
Voluntary purchase for fishing right holders who want to simplify supervision and support the fisheries conservation area.
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Fishing rights license / Skagerns FVOF

Issued by Skagerns FVOF in cooperation with
Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid for 365 days   
Price: 50 kr (SEK, Incl. VAT)
From what date and time should it be valid from:

 (Todays date: 19 Oct 2021)
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
The text on this page is machine translated. We can not guarantee that the translation from Swedish to English is 100% accurate. Please refer to the Swedish page for the correct, original version of the text.
  • The annual card refers to current years and not calendar years.
  • All fishing with up to and including 10 hauls after a motor-driven vessel falls under fishing license B. This means that the so-called trolling fishing is included in Fishing license B. (If only trolling fishing is conducted, a fishing license / boat is sufficient). For fishing with hand gear (rod fishing, angling, pimples, etc.)
  • from a drifting boat or other floating vessel, a fishing license A is required of each person fishing.
  • Fishing may only be conducted 200 meters out from land throughout Skagern and 100 meters out from the larger islands (Falebuholmen and Gullön).


  • Pikeperch: Min 50cm, max 4 pikeperch per boat and day and pikeperch ban applies from 15 May - 15 June.
  • Goldfish salmon, my length 60cm.
  • Gold fox trout, min length 60cm
  • Net fishing, crayfish fishing or other fixed fishing is not included for the public but is reserved for the fishing right holder (tenant).
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