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 Season pass for locals and holiday home owners, valid 30 / 5-30 / 9.
Applies to Bodsjöströmmen, Grötingsströmmen, Kraftverksströmmen and Mellanströmmen.
 NOTE! Only grayling fishing in September.
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Säsongskort Ortsbo - Övriga strömmar / Övre Gimåns FVOF

Issued by Övre Gimåns FVOF in cooperation with
Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid 30 May to 30 September   
Price: 1000 kr (SEK, Incl. VAT)
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
The text on this page is machine translated. We can not guarantee that the translation from Swedish to English is 100% accurate. Please refer to the Swedish page for the correct, original version of the text.
  • Only fishing with a valid fishing license.
  • The fishing license is personal and must always be carried together with a valid ID document.
  • The season in Stavreströmmen applies from 30 May to 31 August. Other streams up to and including 30 September for grayling fishing.
  • In Stavreströmmen, barbed fishing applies and a fly on the paw, with a single hook. In other currents, spin fishing also applies.
  • The paw must not be thinner than 0.18. Fly fishing applies with fly rod at least class 5.
  • Indicator must not be used in any form.
  • Window outlet applies to trout.
    Trout between 40-55 cm (approx. 7 hg-1.5 kg may be taken up and those that are both larger and smaller should be re-released). For grayling, the minimum size is 35 cm.
  • A maximum of one trout and one grayling may be taken.
  • The fishing must be conducted within the limits, for each fishing license, and which are exposed on our map.
  • Respect the wading ban on the "lake neck". See picture on the website and on the information board.
  • You must be able to present a valid fishing license and ID document.
  • Mandatory catch reporting applies.
  • We do not refund or reimburse for fishing licenses, if we have to close the fishing due to high water temperature or low water level.
    The water temperature for closing the fishing is +19 degrees two days in a row, the fishing opens when the water temperature stabilizes below 19 degrees.
  • Prohibition to use waders with felt sole, due to the risk of spreading crayfish infection.

Rules at Catch & Release

  • Touch the fish as little as possible. It is very important that the mucous layer of the fish is not damaged.
  • Lines with soft plastic or fine-mesh nets must be used when the fish is taken in.
  • The fish must not be lifted out of the water or "backed" / pulled up on land.
  • Remove the hook with peang / pliers.
  • Allow the fish to recover in the net without touching the fish. If the fish needs help to regain strength, you can keep it in the net or wet your hands and keep the fish in the tail spool until it has recovered.
  • Mandatory catch reporting applies!
    In order to better manage the fishing within Övre Gimån's FVO, we need help to gather information about what the stocks in different watercourses look like. Partly for the statistics, partly for you as guests to get an idea of where and how the catches take place, and for us to be able to follow the development of the stock.

The fishing license can not be canceled.

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