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 Tio offentliga bryggor runt Ljustern står till fiskarens förfogande, varav tre är anpassade för personer med funktionshinder (platsinfo, se fiskekarta). I ädelfiskesjöarna Björshyttsjön och Myggtjärn finns slogbod och dass vid respektive sjö. Myggtjärn har också en tillgänglighetsanpassad brygga för personer med funktionshinder. Säters fvof förordar fiske enligt catch-and-release - med undantag för ädelfiskesjöarna - där metoden är förbjuden.
 The association has (at present) no limit on the number of rods. Catch-and-release advocated.
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Trollingkort - Dag / Säters FVOF

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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
The text on this page is machine translated. We can not guarantee that the translation from Swedish to English is 100% accurate. Please refer to the Swedish page for the correct, original version of the text.

SPORT FISHING RULES refer to hand gear with 1 rod / card / person (excluding trolling card). Prohibition of crayfishing and fixed gear, such as longline, otter, russet, marten and net, with the exception of marked * roach cottage for household needs (annual pass required). Maximum 3 trout / day in Ljustern, minimum size trout 50 cm. On ice-covered lakes, the sport fishing license is valid for two simultaneous activities: pimpling with 1 rod / person and angling / ice fishing with a maximum of 10 don / cards. Fishing ban in Jönshytteån, in the river between Dalkarlen and Ljustern and the river between Björshyttsjön and Kamman. Eel fishing is allowed (the association's water is located more than three hydropower plants upstream of the sea) but the association always recommends the release of caught eel. Free fishing up to and including the age of 16 (does not apply to precious fishing in Björshyttsjön and Myggtjärn) . * Marking with name and telephone number.

PRECIOUS FISHING CARD refers to Björshyttsjön and Myggtjärnen . Fishing allowed with hand gear 1 rod / card / person. Maximum 3 precious fish per fishing license and day. Mashing, silicone baits and the use of boats or floats are prohibited in both lakes. Hooked fish must not be re-released (no catch-and-release). On ice-covered lakes, pimpling is allowed with 1 rod / card / person or angling / ice fishing with a maximum of 5 don / card / person. Note that each fishing method - pimpling or angling / ice fishing - requires a separate fishing license.

RULES FOR FISHING RIGHTS OWNERS . With the exception of Ljustern, Björshyttsjön and Myggtjärn, fishing right holders where they have individual fishing rights may engage in fishing with longline, russet, cage and nets and fish for crayfish - provided that:
1) all gears are marked with names and
2) the fisheries meeting or the county administrative board (crayfish fishing) has not decided otherwise *.

Fishing rules in general according to the sport fishing rules.
* Fishing water owners are obliged to stay informed about any changes in the fishing activities, see the association's website:, or contact Säter's fvof.

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