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 Som fiskare är du skyldig att följa de regler för sportfiske som gäller inom området.
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Regler för sportfiske 2021 (eller hämtas där fiskekort säljs i bygden).

Rules for sport fishing 2021

 Remember to print "Rules for Sport Fishing". As a fisherman you are required to inform you of the rules applicable to sport fishing.
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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General rules

Rules for sport fishing 2021 for printing

Rules for sport fishing 2021
Fishing may only take place with sport fishing gear, a maximum of one rod carried by hand per cardholder, thus not with longline, stand hook and net gear
Fishing with a boat or other floating vessel is only allowed in certain lakes, see the respective fisheries conservation area
The fishing license is personal and may not be transferred
The fishing license must be carried during the fishing and presented to the fisheries inspector upon request.
Fishermen must be aware of applicable laws and regulations as well as rules issued by the FVO
Violation of the provisions listed entails confiscation of the fishing right and may lead to a claim for control fee or prosecution
Young people under the age of 18 do not need a fishing license
Driving on existing roads is at your own risk
Snowmobile traffic is prohibited in areas with flat or young forest and arable land

Hissmofors fvo
Fishing is prohibited within 100 m of the power plant dams (a safety issue)
Prohibition of fishing from the road bridges (risk of jerk fishing and a question of road safety)
Free fishing with rod in Avaviken, Dvärsätt and Bånntjärn (eastern half)

Granboforsens fvo
Drag back grayling and trout that are smaller than 35 cm
Do not use otters or more than three hooks when fishing
Mask and soldering ban
Fishing for grayling prohibited April 15-May 31
Fishing for trout prohibited 1 September-31 October
Fishing from a boat prohibited 1 Sept-31 October
Maximum 5 fish per fishing opportunity (day)

Nedre Långans fvo
Minimum size grayling and trout 35 cm. All trout and grayling below the minimum size must be re-released regardless of the condition of the fish
Fishing ban during the period 15 April-31 May and 1 September-31 October
Maximum fishing catch 5 fish / day

Gysens fvo
Minimum size trout 25 cm. Trout below the minimum size must be re-released
Fishing for trout is not allowed 1 September-31 October in:
- flowing water
- lakes and seals within a distance of 200 meters from their inlet and outlet

Åkersjöns fvo
Leased waters for sport fishing are Åkersjön and Åkerån
Trout with a total length of less than 35 cm must not be caught. Trout that do not meet the standard must be re-released regardless of condition
From 1 September to 31 October, fishing is prohibited in Åkerån and in Åkersjön within a distance of 200 m from the inlets and outlets of Åkersjön out of Åkersjön.

Bakvattnets fvo

Fishing leased in Stora Bakvattnet

Fishing prohibited in Bakvattensån from Stora Bakvattnet to Edbladsforsen, in Björkbäcken and Margitbubäcken and in Lilla Bakvattnet

Rules and fishing information for Gunnarvattnet-, Rörvattnet-Skogsjö- and Valsjöns fvo

Rules for sportfishing Gunnarvattnet, Rörvattnet-Skogsjö and Valsjöns fvo

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