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 Där det fodras särskilt fiskekort för ädelfisk gäller följande: Endast två handredskap får användas. Fisk är förbjudet som bete. Båtar är ej tillåtna i dessa vatten. Flugfiske från flytring i Ränningen tillåten under juni månad. I rinnande vatten är fiske tillåtet endast tiden 15 maj - 1 september. Max 4 fiskar per dygn och kort.
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Dygnskort ädelfisk / Arbrå Östra FVF

Issued by Arbrå Östra FVF in cooperation with
Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid in 24 hours   
Price: 120 kr (SEK, Incl. VAT)
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 (Todays date: 25 Oct 2021)
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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According to the annual meeting decision, net fishing is estimated at 3 nets per fisherman.
Mesh size 43 mm. Does not apply to Lake Orsjön.
The fishing licenses are personal and can not be transferred to another.
If at least one person in the family has a fishing license, children fish for free
up to the age of 16 in the company of a guardian.
NOTE! For precious fish water, however, applies
4 fish together.
Prohibited from marketing fish caught within Arbrå-Undersvik's fisheries conservation area. Exceptions for bait fish.

Where a special fishing license is required for precious fish, the following applies:
Only two hand tools may be used.
Fish is forbidden as bait.
Boats and floating rings are not allowed in these waters.
Fly fishing from floating in Ränningen allowed during the month of June.
In running water, fishing is only allowed between 15 May and 1 September.
Maximum 4 fish per day and card.

Trolling in Istesjön, Bysjön, Hundgårdssjön only 1 rod per man / boat.

Annual card is valid from 1/1 to 31/12.

Ljusnan from Norränge power plant to the border with Järvsö FVO.
NOTE! Net mesh size in the Arbråsjöarna from Norränge power plant to the border with Järvsö Fvo applies to 60 mm, stretched mesh 120 mm.
Minimum dimensions 50 cm pikeperch and trout.
Trout fishing ban from 16 / 9-24 / 12 in flowing water (inflows) and 200m out into Ljusnan from the mouth of the inflow.
Net fishing prohibited in flowing water (inflows) and 200m out into Ljusnan from the mouth of the inflow.
Net fishing may only take place with 5 nets that have a net mesh of at least 60mm (120mm stretched mesh).
Exception for nets intended for bait fish with net mesh up to 22mm (44mm stretched).
Pike-perch fishing ban throughout the month of June.
Net fishing prohibited and all possibly caught pikeperch must be unconditionally released during the closed season. This is to protect the pikeperch during spawning
Trolling fishing allowed with a maximum of 6 rods.

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