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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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On Jarfalla and Sollentuna Municipality fishing, you fish year round, but only if you solve a dagfiskekort. Molnsättra and Wide farm is privately owned private water. In the western part of Molnsättras water (unmarked area on the map), do not fish at all. On the other part the same rules as the Järfälla water. On Broad farm fishing (checkered mark), you get to fish in the winter if you loose a dagfiskekort. Ice fishing (not angle) fishing with one rod is allowed with dagfiskekort. * Member of JSFK do not solve dagfiskekort of the lake. * Fishing is only permitted from the country / Ice, boat fishing is completely prohibited. * Member of JSFK get angel fish with 10 angeldon / glacial rods per fisherman. * Getholmen The island is a bird sanctuary and prohibited from entering the period 15/4 - 30/6. * Minimum size for pike is 40cm.
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