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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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Welcome to Leksand - Insjöns Fiskevårdsområde!

Rules for fishing license:
These may be redeemed by fishing right holders in the fisheries conservation area. The proof is personal. Children under 16 fish for free.
Certificates of fishing rights entitle to fishing with gear permitted by law, but not scissors and a maximum of 180m nets at any given time only in the waters where the fishing rights are held. Only house fishing is allowed. In other waters according to rules for place cards. Outstanding gear shall be clearly marked at both ends of the fishing gear. NOTE! At least 4-liter clear floats or flags with name, telephone number and property designation.

Rules for place cards:
These may be settled by residents and owners of real estate in the fisheries conservation area. The card is personal. Children under 16 fish for free. The card entitles to fishing with a maximum of 2 hand gear and a maximum of 15 fishing rods / fishing rods per fishing license.
. Follow the fishing rules of the areas! In shared waters, only fishing with a hand gear applies. See also under the heading restrictions on fishing.

Rules for Fishing Licenses / Other:
Fishing licenses can be redeemed by anyone. Children under 16 fish for free. The card is valid for fishing with one hand gear per person and a maximum of 10 fishing rods / fishing rods. In shared waters, only fishing with a hand gear applies. See also under the heading restrictions on fishing


The fisheries conservation area does not sell trolling cards. Trolling cards are sold through Siljansbygden's fisheries conservation association and are valid in Österdalälven and Insjön. Trolling in other waters within the fisheries conservation area is not permitted .:
Think of boat traffic if you conjure up the Österdalälven river!

Restrictions on fishing:
Net fishing is prohibited in Limsjön and the Sången area (Sången, Kvarntjärn, Benaren, Eksjön, Gysjön and Digertjärn) all year round. Even in other waters, net fishing can be limited. See signs posted!
In Gysjön & Digertjärn, fishing may only take place with a fly rod from land Ice fishing may take place with a hand gear (fishing rod). Fish as bait may NOT be used in Gysjön and Digertjärn. One trout may be caught per fishing opportunity (day). The minimum size for trout is 50 cm. Fishing may be conducted within an area with a radius of 30 meters around the mouths of Gysjöbäcken, Hundtjärnbäcken and Digertjärnbäcken. Fishing is not allowed in Gysjöbäcken, Hundtjärnsbäcken and Digertjärnbäcken.

No fishing is allowed in Bodaån, Sångån,, Mörkån and Rönnäsån from the mill pond and to the river's outlet in Insjön. In shared waters, only fishing with a hand gear applies. In Österdalälven from Morkarlön down to the naval bridge in Österfors, shared water and only a hand tool are allowed.
In the Sången area, the minimum size for trout is 50cm. In other waters within the area, the minimum size for trout and char is 40cm. In Österdalälven measurements according to set limits and markings. For rainbow no limit.
In the entire fisheries conservation area, pike longer than 80 cm must be put back carefully!
There are piers in Österdalälven by Leksand, Tibble, Bunk, Tunsta, Söder Rälta and Marielund that are also available for fishing.
Labeled fish are reported to the freshwater laboratory, 178 93 Drottningholm.
All fishing in flowing water, with the exception of Österdalälven, is prohibited from 1 September to 31 December.
Crayfish fishing allowed for fishing right holders and locals with annual licenses and crayfish fishing licenses ..
In fish farms and at a distance of 50 meters there is no fishing allowed.
Temporary restrictions may exist and are then posted at affected waters!
The cards do not apply to fishing in Solbergatjärn, Sörskogstjärn and Anton's dam.
Scissor fishing is not allowed! Fishing with live bait fish is not allowed.
Fishing license must be brought and presented on request! It is your responsibility to find out and follow the applicable regulations!
Make fishing a pleasant relaxation!

From 2013, you can also redeem our fishing licenses on the internet. You do this at
You will also find more info about our fishing area at

Have a good fishing trip!

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