Supply details for your fishing permit(s)! Ljusnan, Svegssjön m fl vatten (350 kr/item)

 Not valid in Albintjärn and Kårtjärn.
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Week card / Glissjöberg-Mosätt FVOF

Issued by Glissjöberg-Mosätt FVOF in cooperation with
Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid for 7 days   
Price: 350 kr (SEK, Incl. VAT)
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 (Todays date: 16 Oct 2021)
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions


 All fishing without packed fishing license is prohibited. Children and young people up to the age of 15 fish for free on parental resolved fishing licenses.

The fishing card is personal and may not be transferred.
You are required to obtain up-to-date information regarding rules and fishing bans.
The fishing license is eligible for sport fishing with a hand tool or a move by boat, exclusions apply Svegssjön and the river Ljusnan upstream Svegssjön where several rods may be used when fishing from a boat. However, it is allowed to fly cast, with a maximum of three flies. Fishing with nets, scissors, position hook, longlines, landing net, trap, trap net and otters are prohibited, as are the jerks.

Exception: Property owners within a fishery conservation area boundaries are entitled to fish with nets in Svegssjön, provided that loosely valid fishing card.

All fishing licence holders have the right to fish in the fishing area with angeldon, a maximum of ten (10) angeldon per person. Fishing with scissors is generally prohibited, but may at the discretion of the Board of Directors is granted if the reasons are the promotion of fisheries care. Application for fishing with scissors, or more than 10 angeldon be submitted to the Board and the fishery should not begin until a decision on this is fixed.

In the Put & Take-water is the number of fish that can be caught by species of trout, char and rainbow trout maximized to 3 fish/day and short. On Kårtjärn planted Trout and char. On Albintjärn planted rainbow trout. If you want to continue fishing when the quota is filled resolves to a new card.
It is forbidden to fish from a boat in the Put & Take-water.

Svegssjön and Veman Lofsån and the river Ljusnan, upstream of Svegssjön is fishing allowed the year round, with the reservation according to the seasons some species (see below). Fishing area can decide if temporary fishing bans in certain waters. Information about such a ban may be obtained by any of our contact people/Board of directors or by visiting our Facebook page: @Fiske Glissjöberg/Mosätt.

Within the area there is a fly-fishing stretch after Lofsån. Selected and printed on a map with XX. Where's the only fly fishing is allowed (maximum of three flies per fly cast). Signs are posted on the route with information about this. Fishing with baited hook on the route is prohibited.
Seasons: 1 september to 31 October is fishing for trout is prohibited, as well as during the period from 1 april to 15 may for Grayling. Fishing ban during closed seasons apply in flowing water and lakes and 200 metres from the sel in the inlet and outlet. Individual of protected species caught during the prohibition period shall immediately be placed back in the water.
Minimum dimensions: Trout and char 25 cm, Grayling 30 cm. In 10 is the minimum length at Grayling 35 cm.
Fishing for crayfish or mussels is prohibited.
You bring your garbage and keeps fishing venues in the State you wish to find them. Never leave the cans, bottles, plastic and other materials that are not degradable in or on the water or on ice.

For breach of the wellbeing area's rules will check fees that will be charged as follows:

Fishing and trapping in fishing prohibition – 10% by 2019 the price base amount (prisbasbelpp = RMB 46,5:-

Other violations – 5% by 2019 the price base amount

Annual pass is valid for the calendar year in our fishing area!

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