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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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Rules for fishing in Put & Takevatten (2010-06-14)

The area is known for very good fishing both summer and winter.
Help us improve it further by following the rules below.

1. Fishing is licensed as sport fishing with hand gear, rod, line and hook. Only one rod per person and fishing license. Permitted fishing methods: fly fishing, spin fishing, angling, angling and trolling. Fishing with nets and other fishing methods, in addition to the above, is prohibited in all waters.

2. Fishing from a boat or float is only allowed in Storvåndtjärn, Oxsjön and Håsjöarna and Veman. Only electric motors may be used in Storvåndtjärn and Oxsjön

The fisheries management area may decide on temporary fishing bans in certain waters. Fishing ban information is posted at the respective waters and on our website and our fishing license sellers must provide information on where fishing bans prevail at any given time.

4. Fishing licenses are personal and must always be carried during fishing, and presented at the request of the fishing supervisor. Children / young people under the age of 15 may fish without a fishing license, in the company of a guardian on their card and quota in all waters.

5. For fishing in the following Put & Take waters, a Day Card or Annual Card is required: Oxsjön, Varggranstjärn, Storvåndtjärn, Järpbäcksdammen, Hanakamtjärn, Bergtjärn, Rundstenstjärn, Styggtjärn. Day pass is valid for 24 hours from the time the fishing is to start. The fishing quota of 3 precious fish per day and short in Put & Take water must never be exceeded.

6. Under no circumstances may live fish be carried and used as bait. So-called "Pickling" with corn is forbidden in all waters.
It is forbidden to leave fish cleaners in the water.
The sale of caught fish is prohibited.

7. Fishing without a valid fishing license or other violations of rules will be prosecuted.

8. The use of roads and paths to get to and from different fishing waters within the fisheries conservation area is at your own risk. We disclaim all liability for any damage.

9. Current information is available on the association's website

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