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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
The text on this page is machine translated. We can not guarantee that the translation from Swedish to English is 100% accurate. Please refer to the Swedish page for the correct, original version of the text.

Through Långåfisket, Långå FVOF offers a varied, close-to-nature sport fishing with the noble fishermen trout, char, grayling and whitefish as well as pike, perch and rainbow trout. The rules are simple and apply everywhere in the area to everyone who fishes. Fishing rights owners, villagers and cottage owners have the same rules with certain additions.
We want you to also follow our recommendations and then contribute to good fishing also in the future! Together we will preserve, nurture and use the fishing resources we have! Warm welcome!

WARNING The water flow in Ljusnan can unexpectedly increase quickly and become very strong!

RULES that you must always follow:

  • A VALID FISHING CARD You must always have with you and be able to show. Children fish for free until the year they turn 16. FISHING WITH ONE ROD at a time is the only permitted fishing method and applies to fly fishing (max. 3 hangers, also applies to spin fly), spin, trolling, angling and pimple.
  • LIVING BATTLE FISH is absolutely forbidden always and everywhere, among other things to protect our healthy waters. NOTE! Fishing with live fish as bait is forbidden everywhere and always!
  • MINIMUM SIZE of precious fish such as trout, char, grayling and whitefish is 25 cm. All fish below the minimum size must be released without damage. Any damaged fish below the minimum size must be killed and re-released.
  • FLY FISHING TRAILS only for fly fishing in Mittån upstream of Grundsjön and part of Anån down to Grundsjön. The fly fishing license is also valid in other waters. Maximum 3 fish per short day, minimum size 35 cm.
  • FISHING PROHIBITION prevails during the spawning season of the fish and can be temporarily introduced to protect the stocks. The grayling's play time is April and May. All waters are prohibited from fishing September 1 - October 31, except Långå-Ljusnan, Skaltjärn, Stortjärn (Långå) and Sångtjärn. Grundsjön is banned from fishing from 1 September to 15 November, and from 10 May until summer fishing opens, Friday 01.00 a week before midsummer.
  • REPORT CATCHES (species, weight, length, sex), fishing place, fishing method, type of bait and other things that are important for Långå FVOF's planning and fisheries management. Report via e-mail:
  • BOAT ENGINE may only be used in Långå-Ljusnan, Orten (Ulften) and Grundsjön.
  • MASK - Långå FVOF allows fishing with worms as bait in lakes, ponds and calm waters in Långåljusnan ( NOTE not currents ) as well as in streams and smaller watercourses. Examples of such are Blästrebäcken, Rändan, Gruckan, Hemsjöbrynnet, Stöptjärnbäcken, Mittån downstream of Grundsjödammen, Unsån, Gangeltjärnbäcken and Lakatjärnbäcken.

Additions to rules (2021 and onwards)

Fly fishing stretches in Anån, Mittån and Långåljusnan - Fly fishing stretches will be introduced for the entire Mittån upstream of Grundsjön and for Anån from Grundsjön to the border of the fisheries conservation area and in Långåljusnan upstream of Skälningshån. For the fly fishing lines in Mittån and Anån, a maximum of 2 trout per short day in the interval 25 - 45 cm applies. Special fishing license that also applies to all other waters except P&T.

Långåljusnan's currents are now open from Rändhån to Lake Orten. This applies to catch & releace, C&R, for all trout in the next few years when the reconstruction of the natural trout stock is underway. The general fishing license applies. When fly fishing in Långåljusnan upstream of Skälningshån to Lake Orten, including Strömhuvudet, all trout must be released unharmed. Barbed hooks.

Grundsjön - General catch limit for char in Grundsjön to three chars (Grundsjöröding) per person and short day.

Skaltjärn - Skaltjärn ceases to be P&T water and is included in the general fishing license and in the fly fishing license.

Fishing right holders and villagers - No changes are made to the special rules that apply to fishing right holders and villagers. Fishing right holders have the right to fish for household needs without a catch limit (other than for Grundsjöröding at certain announced times).

Stortjärn in Långå (Långåbadet) applies to a maximum of two rainbows per day. Other fish no restriction. Special fishing license for one day at a time.

Recommendations that we want you to follow:

  • YOU HAVE GOOD REPUTATION & ETHICS as a fisherman. Use it for the sake of the fish, nature and other anglers. "Pure conscience" is part of your fishing happiness and your fishing memories!
  • TAKE YOUR FISH as you need just for the day, eg 3 fish per day. Put the others back. Then you give more fish the chance to grow big and create a new generation. And feel free to pick up the record fish of your life! Do not take more fish than you need for the day from water that has no restriction rule.
  • Hooks without barbs make it easier for you to release the fish without damage. Squeeze the barb with pliers. Preferably use barbed hooks in all waters. Applies to all types of hooks.
  • CATCH & RELEASE Catch, drill gently and release the fish so that it can be restored without damage.
  • TURN ORDER means that you start upstream, make a couple of throws and move a couple of steps downstream. Change fishing place if there are others who want to try "Your" place.
  • FLOATING and BOAT can be used except in Anån / Mittån and if you do not disturb other fishermen.
  • FLOATING WEST properly worn can save your life! Mobile in a waterproof case is good! Watch out for the winter ice!
  • LITTER or DRAWERS ARE NEVER ACCEPTED and contrary to Långå FVOF's rules! It is never allowed to throw away, hide or bury packaging, textiles, glass, metal, plastic, fishing lines or food waste. Fish cleansers may be left in the wild if they are free from parasites, such as tapeworms.

You are obliged to have information about current fishing rules available at Violation of the rules entails an inspection fee (Lag1981: 533). All fishing is at your own risk.

INSPECTION FEE The Swedish Fisheries Inspectorate has the right (LAW 1981: 533) to issue an inspection fee, SEK 2,225, to fishermen who violate the rules within Långå FVO. The fee is issued on the spot and must be paid within 14 days, after which the case can be submitted to Debt Collection. NOTE this is not a fine but a control fee

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