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Familjekort/ tilläggskort på Årskort / Hanebo-Segersta FVF

Issued by Hanebo-Segersta FVF in cooperation with
Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid for 365 days   
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
The text on this page is machine translated. We can not guarantee that the translation from Swedish to English is 100% accurate. Please refer to the Swedish page for the correct, original version of the text.

Everyone who solves the annual card, family member (written in the same address as the one who redeemed the annual card and is over 15 years is redeemed together with the annual card) and fishing license certificate during the year is a member of the association. Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 14 applies everywhere except in the put and take water in Ondtjärn.
Fishing is prohibited from using more than one fishing rod at the same time.

Trolling fishing (more than one fishing rod / person (fishing license holder) may only take place against the release of a special fishing license (Additional card for one of our other fishing licenses).

Fishing with nets can only be done against the solution of special net cards that only number-written within fvo (Hanebo-Segersta parishes) have the right to solve, and can only be solved as an additional card to one of our other fishing cards.

It is forbidden for different fishermen to tie their permissible two (2) net lengths together.

Network and trolling cards are only sold by the board. Trolling cards also via Ifiske.

Fishing with fixed gear, otter board and nets is prohibited in running water and the following lakes:
Björktjärn, Sundsjön, Bodtjärn, Västansjö-Rödtjärn, Nannsjön, Lightjärn, Djupsjön, Hammarsbo-Rötjärn,
Evil Pond, Two Pisces, Toberg Star and Lake Bofara.

The fishing license is personal and may not be transferred.

Long-distance fishing is prohibited in all waters.

Maximum number of pike shears hook / person is ten (10). Angling with angel hook is max number / person twenty (20). Applies to all pike water
Utensils that are left unattended must be marked with the user's name. address, telephone and fishing license number.
Angling, hook and pike scissors are prohibited in noble fishing waters, with the exception being Bergviken.
Fishing with live bait (fish) is prohibited in noble fishing waters. Exceptions Bergviken.
The sale of fish may only be done by fishery owners only after fvof knowledge.
Exceptions can be made in fishing competitions.
Fishing competition may only be organized after permission from the fvf.

Boat and other types of floating craft are prohibited for use in all noble fishing waters, with the exception of Bergviken, Nannsjön and Sundsjön. It is permissible to fish from floating in Ondtjärn towards solving "floating cards".
Fishing with nets in Lake Bofara is prohibited because extensive pike implants are made there. My gauge on pike 50 cm.

When fishing for trout, rainbow, char in Ondtjärn, max. 3 pcs. fishing / fishing and day. 1 A new card may be redeemed if the fishing quota is filled during the day.

In Lightjärn a maximum of 3 units apply. grayling / char / per fishing and day. My measurements are 35 cm for grayling and 30 cm for char.
In Hammarsbo-Rötjärn a maximum of 1 trout / fishing and 24 hours applies, minimum dimensions 30 cm.
In natural waters, 3 noble fish / fishing and 24 hours apply. this refers to trout, char with a minimum size of 30 cm.
for pike, the minimum size is 50 cm

Sundsjöbäcken and Rödtjärnsbäcken have, as before, an annual fishing ban. This also applies if any. signage has been destroyed.

It is the obligation of the fisherman to find out the current rules for fishing activities, although not all the rules are printed on the holder's fishing license.

Between September 1 and December 31, fishing in streams with noble fish stocks is prohibited.

Supplementary rules for Hanebo-Segerstas part of Bergviken.

Limitation of two nets max 30 m each, my mesh size 60 mm - which means that each side of the mask is 60 mm. if the mesh is stretched by pulling diagonally in opposite corners, the stretched mesh becomes 120 mm (stretched mesh) - which may be joined by the owner. These nets may not be connected to other fishermen's nets. (1)

The network card may only be sold by the association's board. (1.)

The network card may only be redeemed by a person who is written in the fish care area (Hanebo and Segersta parishes). (1.)

Network ban May-June-July.

The network card is personal. (1)

Networks must not be left for more than 12 hours of ice-free time and a maximum of 24 hours under ice. After that time, nets will be picked up (witnessed) (1.)

Networks shall be marked with name, address and telephone number on clearly visible washers at both ends. (1.)

Nets, like other fishing gear, must be disinfected before laying. (1.)

Maximum 10 pike scissors (1.)

Long-distance fishing is prohibited. (1.)

Trolling fishing may be conducted against the solution of a special card. Trolling fishing includes more than one rod / fishing (fishing license holder). (1.)

The sale of fish may only be done by fishery owners only after fvof knowledge. (1.)
Exceptions can be made in fishing competitions after permission from the fvf. (1.)

Fishing competition may only take place after permission from the fvf. (1.)

Minimum dimensions: Swamp 50 cm, trout 30 cm. gray 35 cm. trout 30 cm. (1.) (2.)

Maximum number of pike / noble fish / fishing and day is 5, this applies to these species together eg. 2 trout 2 stingers 1 st gray / day. (1). (2).

Catch cards must be kept at all fishing. which is provided by fvf.

Explanations: (1.) Applies to all water. (2.) Other rules apply to Light Iron.

The fishery measures shall be financed by fishing license revenues and available grant funds.
Some deviations from the plan may occur. This for reasons that could not be foreseen.

Additional fishing water.
The association's fishing license now also applies in other fishing waters within the Hanebo-Segersta fishery area. Example: Gopen, Mäken, Stugubacksjön and others. (the exception is fishing waters where the noble fish is dominant). The waters that are added are those that were once leased by Raman's fvf. Exceptions are Put - and Takewater and noble fish water.
The same rules apply to these additional fishing waters unless stricter rules are set by the current tenant - Åmots Fisheries Conservation Association.

Violations of current rules will be prosecuted.

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