Supply details for your fishing permit(s)! Södra Sämsjön (300 kr/item)

 Valid during the period 1 September to. May 15 Only in combination with current annual pass. Paravankortet valid for a maximum of 4 spöparavaner.
ID: 1885

Paravan-kort / Södra Sämsjöns FVOF

Issued by Södra Sämsjöns FVOF in cooperation with
Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid for 365 days   
Price: 300 kr (SEK, Incl. VAT)
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 (Todays date: 6 Jun 2020)
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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The card is valid for lure fishing and trolling with a maximum of two rods, as well as for ice fishing with a maximum of 10 angeldon or ismeten.

For the time mellan1 September to May 15, the additional cards for season ticket, fishing with a maximum of 4 spöparavaner, bought. Only by ifiske.

Children under 16 may fish free with the same regulations as for short fishing.

Gösfiskeförbud is from 15 May to 15 June.

The release of larger pike advocated.

Catch Prohibition of trout for the whole year when the trout population is under construction.

All fishing in Saman up to Sågfallet is prohibited. Trout Project is underway.

• Fishing license is personal and shall, together with the ID document be presented on fishing.
• All fishing, and all fishing methods not mentioned above are prohibited.
• Anyone who fishes without a valid fishing license punished under Swedish law.
• For violation of other rules, an inspection fee of at least SEK 1000 printed in place of fish overseer.

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