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 Korten gäller i vårt fiskevårdsområde. För fiskekort och regler för hela Siljan gällande trolling hänvisar vi till Siljansbygdens fiskevårdsförbund.
 Kraffiskekort, For locals, between 2nd Friday in August to 4th Sunday in September.
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Kräftfiskekort (Säsong) / Siljan-Rättvikens FVOF

Issued by Siljan-Rättvikens FVOF in cooperation with
Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid 10 August to 23 September   
Price: 200 kr (SEK, Incl. VAT)
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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Fishing license prices & rules for Siljan-Rättvikens FVOF
The fishing is for Rättviken and Enån according to the depth map Siljan-Orsasjön-Insjön.

Day cards are valid for 24 hours, weekly cards are for 7 days, annual cards are for 1/1 - 31/12.

Holders of fishing rights, public records and property owners in Rättvik Municipality:
Day pass: 50 kr
Weekly card: SEK 100
Annual card: 200 kr
Annual card trolling and trout: SEK 400
Cancer fishing license (season): SEK 200

Others and tourists
Day pass: 80 kr
Weekly card: SEK 250
Annual card: 400 kr
Trolling card day: 100 kr
Trolling card week: 300 SEK
Trolling card year: 600 kr

In order to use the fishery within the fishery conservation area, fishing licenses must be released and carried with fishing.
Children under 16 fish for free.
For trolling and trout, a maximum of 10 baits / rods apply.
Fishing with nets, rusks and anglers is allowed (special prohibitions must be respected, see below).
Maximum six interconnected networks, max. 150 m.
Other restrictions: max 5 pcs moors, 12 angeldon / ism rods (pike scissors not allowed) and max 2 pcs shoes.
Phishing bans prevail in the area within a line Rättvik's church and the purification plant within the campaign Save the Siljansöringen.
Fishing prohibition 100 m upstream and downstream of Enåkvarn in Enån.
Minimum dimensions mm:
Trout that have the fatty fins left are wild and valuable breeding fish and should therefore be released.
Tray-marked trout and trout that are finely trimmed may be taken regardless of size.
Pike longer than 100 cm are reset.


Only for locals, fishermen and property owners.
Max 6 cages, must be marked with name, address and telephone number.
Minimum size 9 cm (tail tip to forehead tip).
Cancer fishing is allowed from the 2nd Friday in August to the 4th Sunday in September.

New for 2019 is that everyone who has fishing rights in Rättviken as well as everyone who is registered in Rättvik can fish every day between the 2nd Friday in August to the 4th Sunday in September. But those who are property owners but are not registered in Rättvik can fish Friday 17.00 - Sunday 17.00 between the 2nd Friday in August to the 4th Sunday in September

Where cancer fishing or other fishing takes place that deviates from the aforementioned provisions, the Fisheries Area Association or its representatives have the right to charge a control fee of SEK 2000.

Other information
For fishing licenses and rules for the entire Siljan see the Siljanbygdens fishing conservation association.

Two larger rice soaps are placed in the area. One is outside Persborg (coordinates: x 6753244, y 1460439), the other outside Vikarby boat harbor (coordinates: x 6754440, y 1458171), (RT 90).

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