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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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The following rules for fishing have been established at the fisheries meetings on April 10, 2019 for Södra Värmeln's FVOF and on April 11 for Norra Värmeln's FVOF.
The rules also apply to fishing in Rome, Ingersbytjärnet, Yppersbytjärnet. Loose fishing licenses do not justify fishing in flowing waters such as the Brunsberg River, Finntjärnsbäcken, Vrångbäcken and Slorudsälven. However, slum fishing in the Brunsberg River is free.

Specified minimum dimensions and restrictions:
Trout and Salmon
60 cm - fishing ban annually during the period 1/9 to 31/12. Maximum 2 fish per fishing occasion.
Pike 45 - 75 cm so-called window socket. Fishing ban annually 1/5 to 15/6. Maximum 2 fish per fishing occasion.
Pike over 100 cm should be restored.
Smaller fish and fish of Trout, Salmon or Gös caught during the prohibition period, regardless of size, shall be returned, alive or dead.
When trolling / countervailing is the maximum number of rods / equivalent. after the boat 2, regardless of the number of active fishermen in the boat.

RULES FOR TROLLING CARDS see separate chapter!

Outstanding utensils shall be marked with buoys and marked with the owner's name or property designation and tel.
Angeldon / Ice fishing max 3 gear / rod per person.
Youth under 16 fish for free with hand tools.
Cancer fishing is regulated within each homeowner. Utensils shall be marked with name / property designation / tel. no.

MEMBERS 'OWN FISHING (Property with fishing rights)

Fishing license certificate: For the pursuit of fishing, a member (fishing rights owner) must redeem fishing license certificates issued by the board. Fishing licenses may be used for fishing licenses issued, in addition to the member, also by the member's spouse or equivalent, as well as children registered in the parents' home.
The fishing license certificate, which is valid for 1 year (1 / 5-30 / 4) must be redeemed by SEK 50 and entitles the member to fish:

  • within their own homes with all legal tools, but limited to a maximum of five nets (max. 150 m), raised and marked at both ends and five Russian shoes.

  • Within the entire fishing area with hand tools and fishing tackle / ice fishing rod without limit.

  • For fishing activities, a member must redeem a fishing license certificate of SEK 50 (valid from 1 May to 30 April the following year). Fishing license certificates can be supplemented with a so-called guest card of SEK 50. A guest card only qualifies for hand gear fishing and is valid for one guest angler per fishing occasion.


  • Location card (home card): A person who is registered as a person in the home member of the fishing care area and such co-owners in the fishery (co-owners in co-ownership or death estate etc.) who do not own the right loose fishing license certificate, is entitled to loose Place Cards. The place card is valid for 1 year (1/5 - 30/4) and costs SEK 200 and entitles the holder to the same fishing as the fishing license certificate. The place card is personal and can not be transferred but includes spouse / spouse and in the parents' home people-registered children or thus equals.

  • Property card : Owners of restricted fishing have the right to redeem property card for further transfer to any named person. The price of a property card, valid for 1 year (1 / 5-31 / 4) is SEK 50. The property card entitles the holder to fishing only within the transfer of the fishing license owner's property and according to the same rules that apply to fishing license certificates within the property.

  • Fishing license : The rest of the public can redeem fishing licenses, which entitle the holder to fishing with hand gear (fishing rod, throwing rod, fly rod and pimple rod, as well as angler or ice fishing max. 3 rod / gear. The fishing license is personal and can not be transferred. The fishing license is valid throughout the lake Värmeln.

Valid fishing license / fishing license or receipt from payment via bank / internet bank, must be carried with fishing and presented on request to fishery supervisor, fishery owner or co-fishing. The associations have specially appointed fishery supervisors (with the authority of the police) with the task of monitoring compliance with applicable fishing regulations.

Trolling card in Värmeln

Rules and prices

The trolling card, gives the holder the right to drive with a maximum of 6 rods and also the right of vertical fishing. In addition, the Trolling Card also includes other benefits that apply when purchasing regular fishing licenses.

NOTE! Commercial guiding with commercial activities in trolling fishing is prohibited

The associations' income for Trolling Cards is earmarked and goes in full for the insertion of fish or for fishing improvement measures.

In addition , a valid fishing license is required for day, week, or year for other active fishermen in the boat. Children / adolescents -16 years fishing for free.
The trolling card is valid throughout Lake Värmeln.
(The room, Ingersbytjärn, Yppersbytjärn are not included in the trolling card)

A single boat with a maximum of 2 rods is not counted as trolling.

Minimum dimensions and restrictions:

  • Pike +100 cm should be reset
  • Trout and Salmon 60 cm - fishing ban annually between September 1 - December 31
  • Zander Windows Sockets 45-75 cm. Fishing ban annually between May 1 and June 15. Maximum 2 fish per occasion / day.
  • Smaller fish and fish of Öring, Salmon and Gös caught during the prohibition period, regardless of size, should be returned to the lake whether alive or dead.

Think of! To care for our water and beaches. Do not scrape down, use caution with fire, do not throw stumps, plastic bags or anything else in the water.

If you have any questions about fishing licenses, rules or requests for tips for fishing, you can contact one of the contact persons below.

Norra Värmeln's FVOF

  • Per-Erik Sjökvist, chair (070-231 58 72)
  • Robert Sjöberg, secret (070-556 78 55)

  • Karl-Eric Granqvist, treasurer (070-397 60 71)

Södra Värmeln's FVOF

  • Markus Jansson-Vallin, ordf (070-219 72 14)
  • Christian Karlsson, secr (070-527 48 00)

  • Henrik Danielsson, treasurer (070-292 48 09)

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