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 The annual card is valid for 2020 (Calendar year) NOTE! Applies to those who live in the area! Tourists should use tourist cards. (Does not apply to Attjärn, Såtjärn, Lungsjöån. See the map)
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Årskort Ortskort (Områdeskort) / Bjursås-Leksands FVOF

Issued by Bjursås-Leksands FVOF in cooperation with
Fishing permit #1:Validity: Valid to the end of the year (31 Dec at 23:59)   
Price: 300 kr (SEK, Incl. VAT)
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 Right now! (2020-05-26 09:45)
 (Todays date: 26 May 2020)
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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
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Area scope (See area map on the website under
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Within the green area of the map.
I 21. Attjärn o Seat iron only applies to separate cards.
Sold here on the internet and in Bjursås stores during the opening hours of these lakes during the summer.
In 22. Lungsjöån is a private fly fishing stretch. This applies to cards sold by Jonas Hagborg.

Public Fishing: (Fishing license required)
Hand tools, angling, ice cream, scissors, stand hook and mounts. When fishing with a moving motor boat. Maximum 4 rods / boat.
Not netting, ruckus, ostrich and cancer fishing.

Fishing rights holder's fishing:

The holder of a fishing right must issue a fishing right certificate that permits the right according to law with permissible gear where fishing rights are held.

In other waters fishing gear according to the general public fishing, see above. Fishing license certificates are resolved by local agents. Can be placed on IFiske temporarily by telephone contact 070 - 346 97 94. The fishing license certificate applies to husband, wife and cohabitation .
Information on the rules and times of phishing is available on the association's website.


Only holders of fishing rights within their own jurisdiction who hold a fishing license certificate. The current times and rules for the current year are decided at the Annual General Meeting in March. Information on times and rules can be found on the association's website.

Total fishing ban throughout the year (marked with green crosses)

23 . Lurån / 24 . Kvarnån / 25 . The sale (between Siljan and Rv 70) /

26. Axån / 27 . Toy bathing river (southern part).


Only fly fishing with fly fishing rod from land is allowed when open water is available.
During January - March month open for general fishing.
Maximum 3 noble fish per day / card. Floating is not allowed


Maximum 3 trout per fishing license and day from 1 January to 30 September.
Maximum 1 trout per fishing license and day from mobile motorized boat 1 October to 31 December.

Minimum size 40 cm on trout.

Total fishing ban at the outlet of Lurån from August 15 to December 31,
the area is marked with red buoys.

From eastern Lurholmen to buoy 400 m outside Lurån's outlet and to buoy about 500 meters east.


Trolling ban in Axviken September 1 for the icing.
Minimum size of Trout 40 cm.


Minimum size of Trout 40 cm.

The Young Lakes (Bjursås-Leksand's FVOF / Rättvik-Boda FVOF fishing license applies):
All trout between 60 - 90 cm must be released. Maximum 1 trout per day.
Ice cream max 6 rods / card and fisherman.
Angling fishing may only be conducted with angler hook and max 15 don / fisherman.
Also scissors ban. This is in accordance with Rättvik-Boda's FVOF rules.

Other waters: Limitations of the number of noble fish

Maximum 3 trout fish (Trout, Redfish, Rainbow) per fishing license and day. Minimum size 30 cm.

Prohibition of fishing in open running water September 1 - December 31.


Free fishing for children and youth up to the age of 16. However, the fishing rules for general fishing must be followed.
This applies to the area map and not Attjärn o Setjärn.

Fishing gear placed in water shall be provided with a name tag. If there is no name tag, the policeman or fishery supervisor has the right to take care of the gear.

A valid fishing license must be carried with the fishery and must be presented to the policeman or fisherman on request.


Removed by the person who violates the resolutions of the annual meeting.

Violations of the regulations 1st time SEK 500, 2nd SEK 1,000, 3rd SEK 1,500.

Information about the fishery area:

Jonas Mix 070 - 346 97 94

Terese Nyström 070 - 534 43 65

Please see our website:

Vendors of fishing licenses and fishing license certificates are listed on the association's website or grants on the notice boards. Also sold online through and

Fish of the Year 2020: For rules and information on this. See our website or map.

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