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 Rules and regulations & Terms & Conditions
The text on this page is machine translated. We can not guarantee that the translation from Swedish to English is 100% accurate. Please refer to the Swedish page for the correct, original version of the text.

Rules for fishing in Ljusdals fishing area 2019

To fish, a valid fishing license is required.

Children / adolescents fish for free up to and including 15 years, but apply only in company with the guardian / adult. Family cards are especially needed and required.

No debris and garbage may be left behind. Everything is taken home.

Do not throw cigarette butts into the water.

Lighting should be done with great care. All firing takes place at your own risk.

Sale of fish is not allowed

Fish must not be moved between different waters.

All crayfish fishing is prohibited until further notice due to crayfish pest and weak stock.

All fishing is prohibited until further notice in Väljeån.

fishing methods

Pike shears are totally prohibited.

Tug fishing is not allowed.

Otter ban applies in all waters

Powerbait balls not allowed. (Only the dough may be used)

Sport fishing: Fishing from land or ice with rod. Only one gear per fisherman.

Dragrodd: Fishing from boat with max 2 gear. Max 1 trout per boat and day.

Trolling: In order to carry out trolling fishing, the fisherman must solve an annual card or day card and a trolling card (see fishing license prices)

Max 4 gear per boat.

Angling: Max 15 donors per fisherman.

Live bait fishing is prohibited. This is because of the Swedish Board of Agriculture's regulations on animals and fish.

Minimum size of fish

All Trout in Ljusnan and all lakes 40 cm

All Harr in all water 35 cm

Yeast 40 cm

All precious fish that do not keep the minimum mat should be immediately put back.

A daily catch of 3 noble fish must not be exceeded (applies to the Black Sea area)

Other waters (see regulations concerning Leån and max uptake for trout per day (Hennansjön, Bäckesjön, Storsjön and Letsjön.

In general, trout prohibition prevails in all waters after 1/9 t in 15/11.


May only be conducted by mantle-written and fishing rights owners in the lakes where network pharmacy is allowed (see provisions below)

Only annual passes entitle to phishing.

Fishing rights owners with annual passes may add up to 5 nets or 150 m net length with a maximum depth of the nets of 6 feet (1.83 m)

For other residents, the same rules apply.

The networks must be marked with the owner's name and telephone number. (Fishing rights owners must also enter the property number.

Network restrictions apply in the following lakes. Lake Hennans, Bäckesjön, Storsjön, Letsjön, Gryttjen.

Total network bans are within 200 m of all inlets and outlets in these lakes.

Lake Storsjön / Bäckesjön

Net fishing allowed as well as trolling / drag row.

Hennansjön (applies to the whole lake)

Net fishing allowed as well as trolling / drag row


Net fishing and trolling / drag row.


Net fishing prohibited. minimum sized pike 40 cm. Pike fishing prohibited in June.


Net fishing allowed as well as trolling / drag row

Öra lake

Net fishing prohibited Max 4 trout per day Minimum size 35 cm

See more detailed rules below for the other and water respectively

between Ljusnan
The fly fishing line, the 450 meter long upper part of the Morvall stream, max 1 trout / grayling may be retained per day. Other sections mixed, max 3 fish may be kept per day. Minimum size of trout 40 centimeters and is 35 centimeters. Fishing from boat not allowed in flowing water (Edängeforsen, Forsnäset-Morvall).
Fishing time 15 / 5-30 / 9.
The trout protected from September 1st.

NOTE! fishing with bait hook is prohibited. Mask, maggot and all live / dead larvae / bait fish are prohibited.

Spin / fly fishing allowed, Only C&R. Fishing time 15 / 5-30 / 9.
The trout protected from September 1st.
The fishing license can only be purchased on I-fishing.

NOTE! fishing with bait hook is prohibited. Mask, maggot and all live / dead larvae / bait fish are prohibited.

Max 3 fish per fishing license.
Fishing time Stora Svartsjön 26 / 12-31 / 9. Sarvtjärn open all year round.
Fishing time Lilla Svartsjön from the ice fishing premiere until September 30. Floating allowed in Lilla and Stora Svartsjön and Sarvtjärn. Boat fishing not allowed in Stora and Lilla Svartsjön and Sarvtjärn.
Minimize char 25 centimeters, trout 35 centimeters.

The fishing area is very grateful if you bring your litter home. Do not leave empty beer cans or similar in the fireplace. Take with you leftover nylon line (animals and birds often get tangled in linen remnants).

Thanks in advance.

The latest version of the Fishing Rules can be found on the website

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