Renoträsket (LP Care Ideell förening)



Reno swamp is a beautifully situated lake in the northern part of the municipality of Boden where it has conducted fisheries management since the 1950s.

It is a medium-sized lake with clean and clear water. In the vicinity of the lake are prepared fireplaces. It is easy to bring with them their own boat for launching.

Fishing is done with advantage by the long pull, fly fishing or bottom fishing. In winter, it is also excellent for ice fishing.

Through the years there have been planted rainbow trout and grayling along with the natural stock of perch. In recent years the focus has been put on the stocking of rainbow trout, which it will do in the future implantations.
 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.


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Renoträsket (LP Care Ideell förening)

LP Care is a non-profit social enterprise in the form of a non-profit association located in Lulea which aim to: • Providing a gateway to employment for people with substance abuse problems and for those with psycho-social problems and mental illness • To engage in development activities in the social economy, ie the development of activities that fill the needs that are not met by the public or private sector • to offer different solutions to various social rehabilitation needs • to offer preparatory measures and implementation of health care interventions

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