Rottnens FVOF



The rat is just over 3400 hectares, with many islands, capitals and deep edges. The largest depth is 22 meters. The average depth is 5.5 meters.

In the lake there are marked trails and excellent rice ponds. Chart cards are available for purchase.

There are good stocks of mainly gös, pike and perch in the lake. The rat is a popular lake among anglers and each year SFK Spinn, Gösadraget, is a very popular competition.

Around the lake there are also cabins for rent if you want to fish for several days.


Org ID: 620, Area 580

Rottnens FVOF

Rottnens FVOF consists of the owners of Lake Rottnen in Kronoberg County. In total, we are about 160 partners who work for the best of the lake.

We work closely with Rottnens Vänner, which is an association of the Fisheries area, Sportfiskeklubben Spinn and the boat clubs. In this way, the lake contains both seamen and charts for.

Contact persons

Frederik Kjellson:
070 - 622 57 59


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