Sea trout ("Havsöring") Overview

Sea trout - Salmo Trutta Trutta

The sea trout is a very popular sport fish. It is possible to fish the year round (during play time will, however, let it be), but in the vernacular as they talk mostly about trout fishing in spring and autumn. Sea trout on the west coast premiere starts April 1st and is a real festival where anglers stand in rows along the entire coast. Many anglers prefer to fish for trout with spinning equipment, perhaps with a small attraktorfluga or hanger in front of the drawbar. Many fish also sea trout with fly and then with ordinary imitation of sea trout prey such as staples, shrimp, sand eels, sticklebacks, goby, seaweed shrimp, etc.
Sea trout are similar to salmon, but are often in shallower waters along the coasts. The likes bottoms with sand, rock and seaweed plants.
It has four siblings: Seaside trout, brown trout, lake trout and stream trout.


Sea trout are the cheese and the west coast and in rivers and streams. It stays for 1-6 years in running fresh water and 0.5-6 years in the sea (usually 2 years in the river and 4 years in the ocean), before the migration for spawning takes place, usually in the streams where it once emigrated.

Size and growth

The game takes place in northern Sweden in Oct., in the south during Nov-Dec and accesses the same in the same way as with the salmon, but sea trout go higher up in the waterways and can also seek out small streams. Sea trout female can have up to 10,000 roe. They hatch in the spring.

Record size

Swedish record: 15.2 Kg

Most efficient fishing methods

Information below is based upon thousands of real catch reports from the past two years.
 Unfortunately there is no statistics yet for this fish species in this area.

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