Tench ("Sutare") Overview

Tench - Tinca tinca

Tench is a fish that lives mostly in nutrient-rich water, fresh and brackish. It is found most often in lakes, but it can also live in quiet running water.
It has a nice bronze color coverage with fine scales.


It is available in Skåne, Blekinge western, southern and eastern Småland, Öland, Gotland, Göta river, lake Vänern water in Vastergotland, Dalsland (possibly implanted) and Värmland; Östergötland, Södermanland and Uppland.

Size and growth

It can be about 70 cm long and become closer to 5 kg. The tolerate low oxygen and high temperatures.
The female can produce about 600,000 eggs each year.

Record size

Swedish record: 5.4 Kg.

Most efficient fishing methods

Information below is based upon thousands of real catch reports from the past two years.
 Unfortunately there is no statistics yet for this fish species in this area.

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