Whitefish ("Sik") Overview

Whitefish - Coregonus Lavaretus

Whitefish are landscape fish in Ångermanland.
In recent years, whitefish have begun to compete more and more with ordinary precious fishermen for the attention of anglers.
It is difficult to catch, much due to its small mouth, which makes it difficult to hook it.


The whitefish is a freshwater fish that exist in the entire Baltic region and lakes in Scandinavia.

Size and growth

The largest whitefish is älvsiken, which can be 60 cm and weigh up to 8 kg, and the big whitefish, which can be 50 cm and weigh up to 8.5 kg. The smallest Scandinavian whitefish are plankton whitefish and blåsiken, often not more than 10-15 cm and rarely weigh more than 0.5 kg.

Record size

Swedish record: 5.3 Kg.

Most efficient fishing methods

Information below is based upon thousands of real catch reports from the past two years.
 Unfortunately there is no statistics yet for this fish species in this area.

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