Zope ("Faren") Overview

Zope - Abramis ballerus

Faren is a species in the family of carp fish. Similar to Bream.


It has a limited distribution in Sweden, it is including in Vänern, Hjälmaren and Mälaren.

Size and growth

Sheep is a slow growing fish, at 3-4 years is the only 16 cm long. Grown becomes at 8-11 years and are then usually 25-35 cm long. At most it may be 45 cm. It usually weigh between 3-600 grams.

Record size

0.8 Kg

Most efficient fishing methods

Information below is based upon thousands of real catch reports from the past two years.
  1. Spinning - Spinners small (0-5 gr)
  1. Fly fishing (one handed) - Fly - Nymph

Zope, Avg. Weight (gr)

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