Bergö bys fiskelag och samfällighet


Bergö fiskeområde

  Åland / Finström municipality.

The waters are inland with a lot of reed bays and shallows in a scenic environment around a larger inhabited archipelago island that you can easily find shelter or wind in all weathers

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Bergö bys fiskelag och samfällighet

Bergö fishing team consists of the village's water owners and fishing enthusiasts, we plant large quantities of pike, whitefish and trout annually, also take care of waterways, moorings, boat ramps, fishing license sales including monitoring, keep track of predators and vegetation in the waters

Organization number: 1456657-4

Customer number: 1216, Area: 1217.

Contact persons

Kjell Söderlund
+358 040 0891073

Örjan Eriksson
+358 4575244478



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Infjärden Rådmansö
Norrtäljeån, Erken, Långsjön m fl vatten

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