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  Gävleborgs län / Söderhamn municipality.

Welcome to us at Mo Fiskevårdsområde!
We can offer a wide fishing that suits everyone. Florsjön . Our largest lake at just over 300Ha where you will find interesting fishing spots around the entire lake. Maximum depth 18 meters and many nice deep slopes to search the dream fish on. Very popular with pikeperch fishermen, also good pike and perch fishing.
Two launching ramps, one of which with associated jetty out. Hedgehog, and Örtjärnarna where you can fly / spin fish trout. Bocksjön offers fine perch fishing all year round. 7 meters as the deepest, varying bottom and a couple of base peaks in the middle of the lake.
The nice beach does not make things worse. Acktjärn is now included on the annual card, a small forest lake with a road all the way to the front, the possibility of a caravan. Planted with Rainbow. Handicap bridge and footpath around the entire pond. More information can be found at
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Mo Fisheries Management Association manages most lakes and streams around Mo. Lake Florsjön is the largest and most popular lake with both good pike and pike fishing.
In addition to calm and fine beach, Bocksjön also offers fine perch fishing. Acktjärn is our little forest star with implanted rainbow.
The hedgehogs invite you to noble fishing for both spinning and fly fishing.

Organization number: 886000-2594

Customer number: 473, Area: 433.

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