Upplands Väsby

  Stockholms län
  • Fiskeklubben Forellen


Affiliated fishing areas in Upplands Väsby

  Fiskeklubben Forellen
 Yep, We sell permits for this area!We don't sell permits in this area (yet)

The most recent catch reports

Jovan Cenic, 19-06-18
Edssjön och Fysingen
 Fishing method:Spinning
 Best lure/bait:Fly - Gäddfluga
 • No fish
Jessika Rockström, 18-10-10
Edssjön och Fysingen
 Fishing method:Angling
 Best lure/bait:Mask
 • 2 fish(es) Perch  at a total of 0.1 kg, Avg. Weight 0.04 kg.  (  No, released!)
 • 1 fish(es) Tench  at 0.8 kg.  (  No, released!)
 • 5 fish(es) Ruffe  at a total of 0.0 kg, Avg. Weight 0.01 kg.  (  No, released!)
Jörgen Pettersson, 18-01-20
Edssjön och Fysingen
 Fishing method:Angel/sprätt
 Best lure/bait:Dead fish
  "Pike 5.2kg"
 • 1 fish(es) Pike  at 5.0 kg.  (  No, released!)
Mateusz Walczak, 18-05-28
Edssjön och Fysingen
 Fishing method:Spinning
 Best lure/bait:Jig / Soft Bait (fishy)
  "All pike does not seem to be hungry there, but one piece of pike of 55 cm and a perch 35 cm was found;)"
 • 1 fish(es) Perch  at 0.8 kg.  "35 cm"   (  No, released!)
 • 1 fish(es) Pike  at 1.5 kg.  "55 cm"   (  No, released!)

Catch reports

The most recent catch reports 
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